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December 31, 2009

goodbye 2009

Unlike last year when I didn't make any resolutions, this year looks to be chock-full of new promises. I downloaded my calendar this afternoon and my running shoes are ready to run.

I recently celebrated my 28th birthday and like last year, there was no cake, just a sweet husband holding up some candles. And like last year, I declare this to be the Year of Amy! I feel like I'm being called in different directions and I'm just figuring it all out, but I have no doubt it will be great. I definitely feel the need for some commitments versus resolutions, my list is long but I press on.

And because posts truly are better with pictures, I'll leave you all with some December shots of Harper Bea. She's had a tough time since Avery arrived. I totally thought Oscar would be the one, considering he literally made himself sick when we brought Harper home. Oh Harper, you're still loved. Pieces of you often show up in my pictures and you make Avery smile.






December 30, 2009

awesome new website

Let me preface this post by stating that the title--all Deran. He's so handy to have around and though I don't understand much of what he did, the end result is indeed an awesome new website.

He took away this:


And gave me this:


Thanks Husband! In addition to a new design, the portfolios have been updated and there is new information for 2010 in the sessions section.

happy trails to you...

It's time to put away the Christmas decorations for another year. I'll miss our tree, but I'm looking forward to having a spot to put some of Avery's newly acquired LARGE toys!

Bye-bye beautiful bokeh, your lovely background blur will be missed.

Farewell Frosty!

Ta ta twinkling tree, I really appreciated your pre-lit branches and remote control.

Okay, time to bring out the Valentines!

December 29, 2009


Um, just before I got sick back in NOVEMBER, I took pictures of little boy A. He was two weeks new, soon he'll be two months old!



Of course his big brother got in too!


He was so sweet, giving Baby A kisses. I think these two will be best buds!


December 28, 2009

sleeping beauty

This afternoon Avery & I laid down for a nap in my bedroom. I couldn't fall asleep because I was too busy watching her. She is so pretty and tiny and perfect.


No doubt one day she'll wake up to my watchful eyes and think I'm strange, but I want to hang on to now for just another minute. To stare at those chubby wrists, and tiny toes, and long lashes...just a little bit longer.


My heart is so full for this girl.


December 27, 2009



I took the picture on the left of my niece last December. My sister passed on that adorable onesie but as it was a bit snug when Avery wore it on December 1st, I decided to snatch up a similar outfit while out shopping one day.

Deran took the picture on the right of me and Avery last week. She's a full month younger than my niece was when the picture was taken but weighs a little more...she really enjoys her milk is all...she's healthy! The crop was a little different, and she wasn't really in the mood for photos, but I love the picture and I love the side by side. Two super cute babies. Please note Avery's excellent display of the fist-to-face ratio.

Also interesting is the placement of that red quilted heart ornament. It's hanging in almost the exact same spot as last year. Pay no attention to the poor placement of the ice cube, that's all me. It looks really out of place sticking out below the branches, ah well!

December 26, 2009

merry happy holly jolly day after

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We've had a very busy few days of traveling and celebration with family. Today was a lazy day of much needed rest!

Yesterday Avery woke up to see her presents from her very first visit from Santa Claus.


She got a new play mat that she really enjoys. Santa thought she needed another option, plus he saw her looking enviously at her step-cousin's mat and knew she must have her very own. She also got a couple of cute outfits, some books, a kick and play piano, and an aquarium (of the fake variety) for her crib.

She was real real excited.


Deran and I stayed up much too late on Christmas Eve and finally stumbled to bed around 4:30, sweet Avery was up before 9:00. Soooo, we put her on her new mat and Daddy watched her play...or did he?!


I had grand plans for the three of us to be wearing Christmas themed pajamas. Avery actually did wear Nutcracker pajamas, I made it into sweats and one of Deran's old conference t-shirts. Deran wore an old favorite from this place. My mom, sister, and I always wore matching pajamas on Christmas. Next year, we're totally doing that!

We wrapped up our Christmas day by having lunch at my sister's then presents at my parents' house. When we got home yesterday afternoon, we realized that Babies R Us had dumped their latest shipment in the back of the suburban.


We really appreciate all of the gifts and good wishes from family & friends. We've had a lovely week!

December 22, 2009

the other side

PR03 E

So these guys have made a few appearances on ye olde blog lately. In November we got pics with his side of the family. On Monday, I had the pleasure of shooting her side of the family. B3 was in a great mood and I'm pretty sure he gets cuter each time I see him, seriously love his giggle!

PR04 E

Sisters. I'm so glad to have a sister and I think I would love for Avery to have one...but not any time soon!

PR02 E

Thanks for meeting up with me P-R Family. I appreciate your willingness to walk the extra blocks, and your willingness to lean on someone else's car. Hope you guys enjoy your first Christmas at home!

PR01 E

December 21, 2009

four teenage boys

What a fun family! I met up with the C/P Family this past Saturday at my favorite spot ever. Every time I go I find some other fantastic building I've missed. Unfortunately, I also found one of my beloved buildings had been demolished over the course of a week. Boo.

Still lots of others to choose from, so it's all good!

C09 E

C10 E

C08 E

C07 E

I really loved this family's dynamic. It felt like they genuinely enjoyed each other's company.

C06 E

C05 E

This sweet girl, with four older brothers.

C03 E

I think she can handle it.

C04 E

December 18, 2009

a friday flashback

I've been going through pictures of Avery in preparation for a few Christmas presents and I came across a couple that made me smile.


I love that they both look a little crazy. I was surprised to see Avery's hair (or lack of) in this picture. It's like one day I took a picture and noticed she'd gone bald, but only on the top front. Somehow I missed it in person. She now has a lovely fuzz all over.

The next one just makes me smile because I think her yawn is so darn sweet.


I miss September. The days were long and the weather was nice. Every evening when Deran got home we'd step out on the patio and visit for a minute and I'd snap a few pictures of the two of them. I have days of photos with white t-shirts and a cuddly baby. I really need to start getting in the picture!!

December 17, 2009



While going through my December images in Avery's folder, I noticed I've been taking quite a few of her tiny toes.


I love her little feet.


December 16, 2009

better baby your baby


So I know it's not exactly what George Strait was talking about, but I just can't believe how quickly my baby is growing. One day she won't be living at home and I know it's a long way off, but I'm pretty sure it's going to break my heart. I need time to slow down for just a second, I need to cuddle her a little more.


As soon as she outgrows her clothing I pack it into a box in the closet. I held on to the heart onesie thinking I'd get in one last picture before it was too small. I saw it in the drawer recently and realized that day had come and gone.


Avery wore the pink "I heart Daddy" onesie today. Then she spit up all over it...because really she hearts Mommy. Oh fine, she hearts us both!



I wouldn't trade these days for anything, I just can't believe it's been so long since she made us a family of three.

December 15, 2009

you gotta fight for your right

Since Thanksgiving break Avery's sleep schedule has She's going to bed later and later, not something we really encourage but it's happening nonetheless.

The last week she's really been fighting sleep at night. We know she's tired, it's so obvious. After her bath she nurses, she's walked & whistled to, she's sung to, she's rocked, she's nursed some more, she's left alone in the crib, she's walked again, she's nursed again...and FINALLY she goes to sleep.

After her bath, the yelling starts. It's hilarious really, and probably part of the reason we're so lenient with making her go to sleep. She is so darn cute! She literally yells to keep herself awake. If you've ever heard a baby talk then you know how cute it is! When you lay her down in her bed and tell her goodnight, she thinks it's hilarious. And how can you walk away from a happy, talking baby?! You can't. Anyway, my point is this: She's tired, but she's a fighter.

I put her on her mat this afternoon while I tried to edit for a bit and five minutes later, I looked over to see this.


She usually loves to play with the duck and kick the poles, but today, today it was just too much.


She was wearing a pair of her favorite (ok really they're mine) socks.


Tomorrow I'm thinking we just put her on the mat after her bath!


My sweet silly girl, we love you so much...even if you do require a three hour bedtime routine.

December 14, 2009

movers and shakers

S04 E

After spending time with the twins on this day, I knew they were very active. Still, I really underestimated how much they like to move on their own. When they were held, this was pretty typical.

S02 E

It was little bit different than last year. Last year they couldn't really was nice!

S03 E

S06 E

Thanks for braving the dangerous streets with me on a foggy Saturday morning. :) Your family is adorable and I love you guys!

S01 E
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