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December 26, 2009

merry happy holly jolly day after

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We've had a very busy few days of traveling and celebration with family. Today was a lazy day of much needed rest!

Yesterday Avery woke up to see her presents from her very first visit from Santa Claus.


She got a new play mat that she really enjoys. Santa thought she needed another option, plus he saw her looking enviously at her step-cousin's mat and knew she must have her very own. She also got a couple of cute outfits, some books, a kick and play piano, and an aquarium (of the fake variety) for her crib.

She was real real excited.


Deran and I stayed up much too late on Christmas Eve and finally stumbled to bed around 4:30, sweet Avery was up before 9:00. Soooo, we put her on her new mat and Daddy watched her play...or did he?!


I had grand plans for the three of us to be wearing Christmas themed pajamas. Avery actually did wear Nutcracker pajamas, I made it into sweats and one of Deran's old conference t-shirts. Deran wore an old favorite from this place. My mom, sister, and I always wore matching pajamas on Christmas. Next year, we're totally doing that!

We wrapped up our Christmas day by having lunch at my sister's then presents at my parents' house. When we got home yesterday afternoon, we realized that Babies R Us had dumped their latest shipment in the back of the suburban.


We really appreciate all of the gifts and good wishes from family & friends. We've had a lovely week!

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