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December 31, 2011

home is where your stuff is...or something like that

I'm writing this on my phone in our new apartment. I have much to say but lack of a full sized keyboard and no Internet will probably keep this brief. We are officially residents of Austin now, though we're headed back tomorrow for one last week of work. I was feeling incredibly sad about the move and I even cried during the initial walk through of our new home. But somewhere along the way, amidst the packing and encouraging words of friends and family, I started to get excited. The more we boxed away, the less our house felt like home. The place we built, in a neighborhood we love, near family we can't live without, where we started our little family - it will be missed. But at the end of the day, it's just a house (a really great one! And it's for sale!) and we can build another one. After arriving in Austin on Thursday afternoon and putting our things away, I could feel this being home - just like that. I can't even describe how badly I felt for ever crying about it, just ridiculously spoiled. I mean sure, the kitchen is half the size of my old laundry room, but this place is really nice! And we're in Austin, our great state's capital! You know how much we love Texas! Starting over is never easy, but what a perfect time with the new year starting tomorrow. I'm very excited to see what 2012 has in store for the Schilling Family!! I'll be back on a computer tomorrow and plan to share a few photos of the new place as well as my New Year's resolution. That's right, there's no 's.' There's only one and it's a doozie! Happy New Year's Eve everyone! I hope today finds you giving thanks for the last year lived and looking forward to a new beginning!

December 26, 2011

a little christmas, a lot of love

akc01 B

I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas filled with wishes come true and lots of loved ones.  Last year Deran and I went overboard with gifts and though we had a blast shopping and picking out things we'd like to play with (oh yes we did!), our girl could have cared less on Christmas morning.  We decided to do things differently this year and we only bought a handful of gifts.  I actually almost felt bad setting so few things under the tree last night, but honestly, Avery gets new toys throughout the year - nearly every time we go to a store!  Besides, this holiday is about so much more than gifts under the tree.

But about those gifts?  Well, Santa did good.  She said her favorite gift was Chocolate Chip Puppy Dog.  He traveled with us to the festivities today and when we got home she insisted he go out to use the restroom with the pugs.  As she loves all things baby now, her new pram (on sale now!) and diaper bag were also a huge success.  And I'll admit the Doodle Pro was a little bit for me too.  I somehow went my whole childhood without having one and then my Mamaw & Papaw got me a magna doodle for my 16th birthday.  It. Was. AWESOME!  

akc02 B

So a half a dozen gifts and an hour to get through them because she wanted to play with each thing.  Lunch with family, complete with TWO baby Jesus finger puppets atop a cake for a round of Happy Birthday.  An evening spent playing with and enjoying the company of loved ones - it all adds up to a pretty great Christmas.

And so much for our scaled back style, I'm pretty sure my mom hit up every toy department from American Girl to the Dollar General.  I kept reminding her that we're moving!  TO AN APARTMENT! Her excuse for many things was the same, "It'll be great for her to play with in the car!"  I'm not sure I'll be able to find my girl in the backseat for all the new things she has to play with in the car.  But that's what grandparents are for, or so says Nana and Pop!  It's pretty awesome for us too because we're setting the standard low.  So like, next year we could get her seven things and she'd be all, "WHAT?!  I only got six last year!  AWESOME!"  But when she walks into my mom's house she'll be like, "Um...these presents only cover the floor of the den.  Why are they not filling up the kitchen?  Cascading from the staircase?  Spilling over the couches?!"  If only I were kidding...

My crazy haired girl who we love so much.  She's feeling bad this Christmas and I hope she's well soon!

akc03 B

Merry (day after) Christmas!!  I hope this Monday starts off a fantastic last week of 2011 for everyone!

December 24, 2011

happy christmas eve

Just in case I don't get a chance to say it tomorrow, I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas celebrating the real reason for the season.  Don't forget to give those loved ones an extra hug and enjoy the day!

I haven't taken photos of my own sweet girl in quite some time.  About two weeks ago my sister brought over her three tots to get a picture for Christmas cards and Avery jumped in.  A forced smile from one girl and bad lighting, but I love them because I love my girl and her silly cousin.


Happy Christmas Eve!

December 23, 2011

the m-l family

afam01 E

afam02 E

afam06 E

afam04 E

afam05 E

afam08 E

afam07 E

afam09 E

afam10 E

afam11 E

Alisha, it was so nice catching up with you and meeting all three of your cute kiddos!  I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas and safe travels!

December 22, 2011

wyatt has arrived

Remember this beautiful couple?!  Their sweet boy has finally arrived...well, about a month ago really. :) 

wyatt01 E

wyatt02 E

wyatt03 E

wyatt06 E

wyatt07 E

wyatt08 E

wyatt09 E

wyatt10 E

wyatt11 E

wyatt13 E

Cassidy & Jeff, thanks so much for letting me photograph Wyatt at this age.  It's been a joy to watch your family grow and I hope the three of you enjoy this first Christmas!!

wyatt12 E

December 21, 2011

malik is one!

 m01 E

How gorgeous is this baby boy?!  Goodness, look at those beautiful blue eyes!!  And his momma did such a great job putting his wardrobe together, he really looked so cute!

m02 E

m03 E

m04 E

m05 E

Of course his parents are pretty gorgeous too!

m12 E

m06 E

m07 E

m09 E

m08 E

Even though we had some really beautiful sunlight and color, I'm kind of partial to these in black and white.  I really love the look on his mom's face in the first one!

m14 E

m13 E

m10 E

Jenny, thanks so much for choosing me to document such a special milestone.  Malik is such a handsome boy!!  I hope you all enjoy this Christmas and that he has a fantastic 1st birthday!!

December 20, 2011

the standley family

stanfam02 E

I got to photograph this beautiful family of three in early December.  I didn't know ahead of time, but there was an event going on at our location.  The streets were blocked off, vendors and people were everywhere!  Definitely lots for Miss Emma to check out. :)

stanfam01 E

stanfam03 E

stanfam04 E

From her head to her toes, Emma is ADORABLE!!

stanfam05 E

stanfam07 E

stanfam06 E

stanfam08 E

stanfam09 E

Thanks so much Trista and Shane, for letting me photograph your family this winter.  I'm especially thankful you guys were such troopers on a crazy Saturday morning!  And hey, at least it didn't rain! :)

December 19, 2011

the mcelvogue family

I loved visiting with this family again.  Two beautiful girls + super nice parents = one fantastic session for me! 

mcfam01 E

Editing the photos of Miss Ella keeps me smiling.  She could be really silly! :)

mcfam02 E

mcfam03 E

mcfam04 E

mcfam05 E

mcfam06 E

mcfam08 E

mcfam07 E

mcfam09 E

Pam, thanks so much for letting me take pictures of your beautiful family again this year!  I hope you guys have a very happy Christmas!!
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