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December 15, 2011

the dawn of a new decade - almost

Tomorrow I turn 30.  THIRTY. That's like, not twentysomething anymore.  It's kind of a big deal!  The thing is though, I don't feel any older.  I still feel about 18, give or take fifty pounds and a little something we'll call RESPONSIBILITIES.  Being a grown up is mostly fun though, and I definitely love this life I lead.  I had big plans to celebrate the 30th in style but then life was like, "That's awesome!  But no, you can't do that." So instead I don't really have plans, and I'm totally open to suggestions.  

This year also marks the year I've been with Deran longer than I've been without him.  At 29, this just sounds so weird to me!!  We officially started going out in November of 1996, we just passed up 15 years of togetherness.  Well, mostly.  There were a few breaks along the way, but here we are all these years later, living this life together.

I feel like I should do something crazy and big to get this new decade started off.  So really, suggest away dear reader!  Has to be something tot friendly since I'll likely have a two year old on my hip.  Nothing too crazy like a tattoo or piercing or skydiving, because PREVIOUS SENTENCE and also, I'm really not that crazy.  

What to do, what to do...I'll be back tomorrow to tell the tale of how I rang in my new year!

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