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December 16, 2011

i'm thirty, and i'm moving!

I'm officially 30, though I don't feel any different than yesterday when I was still a wee babe in my twenties.  Today has been a lazy day, but a good one.  Last night I went out with a girlfriend and we did crazy things like, have dinner & picked up a doodle pro for Avery at Target.  Wild!  And speaking of wild, 2:17 starts my favorite part of the whole movie.  Though make no mistake, I love the whole movie!!  And speaking of my Avery, she woke up at 3:30 this morning ready to start the day, meanwhile I was not.  Around 6:00 AM I pulled the birthday card and made Deran get up with her.  I woke up around 8:30 when I heard her ask for more Caillou and I could NOT believe she was still awake!  I got up and we wrapped presents, delivered them, and went to lunch - where Avery literally slept laid out on the table because SHE WOKE UP AT 3:30 AM.  We came home where Deran napped, I worked, and we called it a day.  Tonight we visited with my parents, then Deran and I grabbed a quick dinner and now here we two lovelies asleep and me working and blogging my very exciting birthday details. :)

There is actually a bit of exciting news, and that is we are moving to Austin!  Deran will be starting a new job in early January and we've much to do in preparation over the new few weeks.  Though we've known since Thanksgiving, I've been putting off anything moving related because I don't really feel like moving.  I really love our life here and I will miss so many things about living local to where we grew up, namely our family.  However, Austin is a really great place and I am looking forward to a new adventure, meeting new people, discovering all there is in our new city.  I can't even imagine the opportunities and activities for me and my favorite girl.  And actually, after a very busy (and amazing!) fall, I'm really looking forward to taking a break from business.  A short break, but a break.  A time to re-evaluate and focus a little more on my own sweet family.

So I'm THIRTY, and I think it's going to be an amazing year.  Lots of exciting changes ahead for my personal and business life.  I don't have any photos to share today but we do have lots of fun things coming up this week.  I've got a few fabulous families to share next week and then the week after Christmas will be a little personal blogging because I plan to take LOTS of pictures this week as we head out of town for a birthday party, make a trip to sign our lease on the apartment (we're really moving!), travel downtown for Avery's first ballet experience, and just live this life of craziness and fun with family before Christmas day!  

And next year I'm totally having a birthday party because Avery told me earlier tonight, "I'm sorry you not have a birthday party, Mommy."  Like it was the saddest thing in the world!  If for no other reason that to let my girl have a par-tay, my next birthday will be done big...or at least will involve a cake and candles. :)  Happy weekend!

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  1. Austin?! =( Im super excited for you! Are you going to continue to do your photography?


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