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December 22, 2011

wyatt has arrived

Remember this beautiful couple?!  Their sweet boy has finally arrived...well, about a month ago really. :) 

wyatt01 E

wyatt02 E

wyatt03 E

wyatt06 E

wyatt07 E

wyatt08 E

wyatt09 E

wyatt10 E

wyatt11 E

wyatt13 E

Cassidy & Jeff, thanks so much for letting me photograph Wyatt at this age.  It's been a joy to watch your family grow and I hope the three of you enjoy this first Christmas!!

wyatt12 E


  1. I can't believe Cassidy is a mom! Great pics again Amy!

  2. This little boy is so adorable! The pictures are amazing!

  3. I know, Lori! And thanks. :)

    Sarah, I agree, he is pretty adorable!! And thanks for your kind words.

    You ladies made my day!


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