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March 31, 2011

number two


Exciting, right?! Totally! Except that it's April first. And that's actually a picture of Avery. I used my mad skillz to change the dates. As far as pranks go it's pretty lame and I know overdone, but it's all I got. Happy Friday Internet, try not to be gettin' fooled anymore.

March 30, 2011

a sweet girl on the way

JM02 E

I've photographed this gorgeous mom-to-be once before and I was so excited when I was contacted about her maternity session! She has a great sense of style and she's really laid back, so basically she makes my job super easy. :)

JM01 E

JM03 E

Her parents joined us on location and even though they weren't expecting to get in a picture yet, I really loved this one of the three of them.

JM04 E

Just as were getting in our cars to head to the next spot, the skies turned dark gray! Thankfully the rain held off and we were able to continue. And even though I was hoping for some lovely sunset shots, from a photographer's standpoint, I LOVE shooting under heavy clouds!

JM05 E

JM06 E
JM07 E

I really enjoyed watching this family interact. Her dad was so funny and it's evident that she and her mom have a really great relationship. It's nice to watch a happy family just be together. :)

JM14 E

JM10 E

And how amazing is her baby belly?! Seriously cute!

JM08 E

JM13 E

As we were wrapping up, she had one request and that was to get a picture of their matching shoes. Her little girl is going to be one hip baby!

JM12 E

For whatever reason, I kept calling the dad-to-be Chris. Yeah, that's not his name. Book with me, I may not know your name but I'll call you something and you'll get some real nice photos! Anyway, thankfully I have awesome clients and when he finally asked if that was T's other boyfriend, she quipped, "Yeah, we took pictures with him last weekend!" Thanks so much for putting up with me you guys, it was so fun to work with all of you!

Congratulations T & C.J., I can't wait to meet Miss L in June!! And I promise, there will be no Chris' present.

March 28, 2011

love is in the moment(s)

I was fortunate enough to shoot a wedding for a lovely couple recently. J was such a beautiful bride and their wedding was one of the sweetest I've been a part of. They had the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding and despite rain earlier in the week, the sun was shining. It really was such a nice March evening!

TW03 B

J's parents are so cute together. I got several shots of them before the event because Mrs. E said it had been a long time since the two of them had a picture taken together. Every couple needs a recent photo together, especially if they're all gussied up!

SP02 E

And after seeing to some final details, the bride was ready to...get ready!

TW05 B

TW04 B

TW06 B

I spent a little bit of time before the ceremony with the groom and his family. His Dad acted as the officiant, and as a spectator, it made for a more meaningful ceremony.

TW07 B

SP01 E
TW02 B

One thing I couldn't help but notice throughout the day were hands. R gripped his grandpa's hand when he moved to come take a picture. There's something really powerful about moments like that. I imagine Grandpa gave R a hand a few times throughout the years and I thought it was a sweet gesture.

TW09 B

Before the ceremony started, the groom passed out roses to the grandmothers and I swear I almost started crying when this one reached up to hug him.

TW10 B

Then it was time for the main event, and wouldn't you know I saw another pair of hands that made me tear up. It's a wonder I got any pictures at all! The bride and her dad had their hands clasped so tightly and I remember that moment. A little nervous because all eyes are on you and the reality that life is about to be so different. A good different.

TW08 B

And then she had another hand to hold. When he started to slip the ring on her finger and he looked at her like he did and she reached up to touch his hand and BE STILL MY HEART! because I thought it was just sweet and intimate and perfect.

TW16 B
TW15 B

I love her Dad's face. Oh man, I'm an emotional mess at weddings.


Thankfully her grandpa kept me smiling. Because seriously, does it not look like he would rather be anywhere else?!

TW14 B

One thing I really like about weddings is watching everyone else take pictures. I caught this young man taking pictures during the sand ceremony and I always think it's interesting to see what people are capturing.


I probably have a couple dozen photos of guests taking photos. So that's why I didn't catch the kiss. Kidding!

TW12 B

And just like that, they were husband and wife.


Congratulations again J & R. You guys had a beautiful ceremony and I know you'll have a beautiful life. Check back later this week for the reception!

March 26, 2011

baby got back


On the one hand, it seems totally inappropriate for me to quote Sir Mix-A-Lot in regards to my toddler...but on the other hand, it's totally the first thing that popped in my head when I saw her leaning over to look at her cousins. Since she was about four months old, Avery has had the most adorable bum and thighs I've ever seen on a baby. And I'm not biased at all, she's really the cutest. Anyway, as she's grown up over the last few months she's really slimmed down and I'm not going to lie, I'll be a little sad when there are no rolls left.

March 23, 2011

the babies

IM03 B

Ever since these two came to visit last week for pictures Avery has been talking about "the babies." She does actually say their names and it's very cute, but more often she says my sister's name followed by, "babies?" Indeed, my sister is the one with all the babies.

IM02 B

She's not the only one who slept soundly during this session, my sister took a nap too. I remember how tired I was with one newborn so I can imagine she's doubly tired with two plus a two year old!

IM01 B

He is so cute! He loves to sleep with his arms stretched above his head and quickly pulled them out of my not-so-great swaddling job to make himself comfy.

IM06 B

How nice, I think, to have one of each. I'm so glad these two have arrived and are now settled at home. Next week I'll have more to share of the session we did with their big sister!

March 22, 2011

a million moments

Deran was home on spring break last week after being gone the whole week before for business. And maybe it's because our schedule has been so off, but March is passing in a blur. I normally don't mind the hustle and bustle, but it's been a big week at the Schilling house and I wouldn't mind taking things a little slower the rest of the month. Avery started sleeping in her own room and she started using the potty. We've a long way to go, but she tinkled three times in the toilet yesterday. And I just became that mom. The one that talks about her kid's bodily functions and snaps all the pictures of her baby on the toilet. Don't think they're not coming soon. Just kidding, I haven't taken any. Yet!

Early last week Avery rolled off our bed and it really scared us. So around 4:30 in the morning while trying to calm her down and let me regain a normal heart rate, Deran and I decided it was time for a toddler bed. We made a trip to Ikea one evening and the next day Deran and Avery put the bed together. She was so cute holding the little Allen Wrench, I had to go get D another one so he could actually finish working on it. She made the transition too easy. So easy that I cried after I put her to bed the first night. Sobbed actually, but only for a few minutes. It's just that co-sleeping has worked for us, besides the whole falling off the bed thing, but I knew I would miss her sweet face in the morning. But the thing is, after a handful of nights, I still wake up to her sweet face. Baby steps, Internet. Baby steps.

She wakes up around 2:30 - 3:00 and cries until I go scoop her up and snuggle her between us. Who knows, I may try to get her back to sleep in her own bed one night this week. Crazy, right?! Anyway, the whole point of this post is that over the last week there have been so many moments that I wished I had a camera close by. Watching help put the bed together, the way the sun shines on her blond hair while we play outside in the evening, her looking at me through the window of her playhouse in the mornings before running out and away from me in the backyard falling and laughing, how incredibly adorable she was as she squeaked down the street on our walk Sunday night, or how she waves to her shadow while laying in her bed at night and tells the baby "hi!" I just want to commit all of these things to memory because Avery right now is just...the best. I know I've said that before, but it's still true.

Last night I peeked in on her before heading to bed and noticed that she was on her way to falling off the bed. So before rearranging her, I snapped a photo. A way to remember her first week in her new bed, wearing Halloween pajamas in March. Shot just inside her doorway with the light from the hallway. Technically speaking, it's nothing great. But man, it tugs at my heart. I really love that girl.


ISO 2500, f/1.8, 1/60

a beautiful bride + bad jokes

J03 E

I photographed her wedding last Friday, but before that I was lucky enough to capture just her. She is so gorgeous and fun!! She brought a bag full of props (more to come in the wedding photos!) and I knew we were in for a great session.

J02 E

She told me she likes photos where she's laughing, and I'm not even kidding when I say I couldn't think of a single joke after like seven minutes. How funny is that?! Not. At. All. Thank the good Lord she's a funny gal herself. And also, sometimes not being funny ends up being pretty funny!

J01 E

I loved her wedding props! At the reception there was a prop table for guests to dress up and take crazy photos. One of many fun things I loved about the night. She brought along several to test out during our shoot.

J08 E

J05 E

She had some kickin' footwear. I LOVED her boots! And a big thank you to her daughter for lugging around a bag of supplies, and for acting as an impromptu stool. :)

J06 E

Congratulations again J, I can't wait to share the photos from your fabulous wedding!

J04 E

March 21, 2011

a morning at the park

C02 E

I met up with this great mom and son duo at Discovery Green last weekend. And wouldn't you know that every possible exit I knew of was closed for construction or blocked off due to events downtown?! I called up my client and she gave me another street and somehow the road I was on magically turned into that street! Thank goodness!!

C02 B

Once we were all finally there we had a fun time. Doesn't she have gorgeous eyes?!

C03 B

Sweet little J was such a trooper throughout the session, even though all he really wanted to do was go play. :) I do believe he is the most well-behaved four (almost five) year old boy I've ever spent time with!

C05 B

His mom was nice enough to oblige at the end of our session and after a couple of last minute photos, I left him happily tromping around the playground.

C01 B

Thanks so much for meeting up with me last Saturday K Family, it was so nice meeting you and I appreciate you coming to the rescue with directions J! I surely would've ended up halfway to San Antonio! :)
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