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March 28, 2011

love is in the moment(s)

I was fortunate enough to shoot a wedding for a lovely couple recently. J was such a beautiful bride and their wedding was one of the sweetest I've been a part of. They had the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding and despite rain earlier in the week, the sun was shining. It really was such a nice March evening!

TW03 B

J's parents are so cute together. I got several shots of them before the event because Mrs. E said it had been a long time since the two of them had a picture taken together. Every couple needs a recent photo together, especially if they're all gussied up!

SP02 E

And after seeing to some final details, the bride was ready to...get ready!

TW05 B

TW04 B

TW06 B

I spent a little bit of time before the ceremony with the groom and his family. His Dad acted as the officiant, and as a spectator, it made for a more meaningful ceremony.

TW07 B

SP01 E
TW02 B

One thing I couldn't help but notice throughout the day were hands. R gripped his grandpa's hand when he moved to come take a picture. There's something really powerful about moments like that. I imagine Grandpa gave R a hand a few times throughout the years and I thought it was a sweet gesture.

TW09 B

Before the ceremony started, the groom passed out roses to the grandmothers and I swear I almost started crying when this one reached up to hug him.

TW10 B

Then it was time for the main event, and wouldn't you know I saw another pair of hands that made me tear up. It's a wonder I got any pictures at all! The bride and her dad had their hands clasped so tightly and I remember that moment. A little nervous because all eyes are on you and the reality that life is about to be so different. A good different.

TW08 B

And then she had another hand to hold. When he started to slip the ring on her finger and he looked at her like he did and she reached up to touch his hand and BE STILL MY HEART! because I thought it was just sweet and intimate and perfect.

TW16 B
TW15 B

I love her Dad's face. Oh man, I'm an emotional mess at weddings.


Thankfully her grandpa kept me smiling. Because seriously, does it not look like he would rather be anywhere else?!

TW14 B

One thing I really like about weddings is watching everyone else take pictures. I caught this young man taking pictures during the sand ceremony and I always think it's interesting to see what people are capturing.


I probably have a couple dozen photos of guests taking photos. So that's why I didn't catch the kiss. Kidding!

TW12 B

And just like that, they were husband and wife.


Congratulations again J & R. You guys had a beautiful ceremony and I know you'll have a beautiful life. Check back later this week for the reception!

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  1. Sweet! Great job, Amy. Bette and Al look great and of course so does Joni!! Loved seeing all of these.


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