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March 23, 2011

the babies

IM03 B

Ever since these two came to visit last week for pictures Avery has been talking about "the babies." She does actually say their names and it's very cute, but more often she says my sister's name followed by, "babies?" Indeed, my sister is the one with all the babies.

IM02 B

She's not the only one who slept soundly during this session, my sister took a nap too. I remember how tired I was with one newborn so I can imagine she's doubly tired with two plus a two year old!

IM01 B

He is so cute! He loves to sleep with his arms stretched above his head and quickly pulled them out of my not-so-great swaddling job to make himself comfy.

IM06 B

How nice, I think, to have one of each. I'm so glad these two have arrived and are now settled at home. Next week I'll have more to share of the session we did with their big sister!

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