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March 21, 2011

a morning at the park

C02 E

I met up with this great mom and son duo at Discovery Green last weekend. And wouldn't you know that every possible exit I knew of was closed for construction or blocked off due to events downtown?! I called up my client and she gave me another street and somehow the road I was on magically turned into that street! Thank goodness!!

C02 B

Once we were all finally there we had a fun time. Doesn't she have gorgeous eyes?!

C03 B

Sweet little J was such a trooper throughout the session, even though all he really wanted to do was go play. :) I do believe he is the most well-behaved four (almost five) year old boy I've ever spent time with!

C05 B

His mom was nice enough to oblige at the end of our session and after a couple of last minute photos, I left him happily tromping around the playground.

C01 B

Thanks so much for meeting up with me last Saturday K Family, it was so nice meeting you and I appreciate you coming to the rescue with directions J! I surely would've ended up halfway to San Antonio! :)

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