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March 30, 2011

a sweet girl on the way

JM02 E

I've photographed this gorgeous mom-to-be once before and I was so excited when I was contacted about her maternity session! She has a great sense of style and she's really laid back, so basically she makes my job super easy. :)

JM01 E

JM03 E

Her parents joined us on location and even though they weren't expecting to get in a picture yet, I really loved this one of the three of them.

JM04 E

Just as were getting in our cars to head to the next spot, the skies turned dark gray! Thankfully the rain held off and we were able to continue. And even though I was hoping for some lovely sunset shots, from a photographer's standpoint, I LOVE shooting under heavy clouds!

JM05 E

JM06 E
JM07 E

I really enjoyed watching this family interact. Her dad was so funny and it's evident that she and her mom have a really great relationship. It's nice to watch a happy family just be together. :)

JM14 E

JM10 E

And how amazing is her baby belly?! Seriously cute!

JM08 E

JM13 E

As we were wrapping up, she had one request and that was to get a picture of their matching shoes. Her little girl is going to be one hip baby!

JM12 E

For whatever reason, I kept calling the dad-to-be Chris. Yeah, that's not his name. Book with me, I may not know your name but I'll call you something and you'll get some real nice photos! Anyway, thankfully I have awesome clients and when he finally asked if that was T's other boyfriend, she quipped, "Yeah, we took pictures with him last weekend!" Thanks so much for putting up with me you guys, it was so fun to work with all of you!

Congratulations T & C.J., I can't wait to meet Miss L in June!! And I promise, there will be no Chris' present.

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