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May 31, 2010

the honey moon i wish i hadn't taken

Hello, my name is Amy and I enjoy romantic fiction. I get quite a bit of flack for this but I blame my mom. She showed me her old Harlequins from the late 60s and 70s when I was a freshman in college and my life has never been the same.

I like a happy ending, and actually I'll just go ahead and say I like a happy beginning and middle too. Oh sure, I like a drama every now and then, but when I head to the romance section of my local library or book store, I'm not looking for Wuthering Heights. As in, classic literary romances need not apply.

Some months ago I picked up the latest book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. And it was cute and fun and I then checked out all of her books that the library had - three at a time because I was just going through them so fast! And yes, some of them had familial conflicts and drama, but make no mistake here, THEY WERE LIGHT READS.

So on a recent trip to Barnes & Noble, I picked up a couple of SEP books and was only slightly apprehensive as I read the reviews on Amazon on the way home (Deran was driving!). So I got Honey Moon, and yeah I know it sounds ridiculous. Anyway, I finished it today and BOO. Two thumbs down from me. It was kind of creepy and incestuous (really, there was molestation) and depressing (there was death!) and so I'm not sure if SEP was trying something new when she wrote this book all those years ago, but I did not like it. I was expecting something in the same vein as Match Me If You Can or What I Did For Love. Silly, I know. But I like my chick lit to be lighthearted dadgummit!

Regular happy baby photos and posts to resume tomorrow. Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all of our soldiers past and present!

May 30, 2010

mapquest for the win

Deran attended a conference over the weekend so Avery & I tagged along. We stayed here and I can't tell you how many times I said to Deran that it was the perfect place to stay with a kid. It was really family friendly and our room/suite was nice. We'd definitely stay there again as it was nice to put the baby to bed early and then hang out in the living area. Plus we had the advantage of the fridge for said baby's yogurt/water and daddy's Dr Pepper. And it was in a great location! I meant to take pictures of our room but I only ended up with one. Just one snap of my tired sweet baby's bum sacked out on the bed.


During the day while Deran was learnin' it up, Avery & I hung out with friends. On Friday we went to the arboretum where Avery fell asleep maybe even before we got through the gates, but I enjoyed it! It was so pretty and the Peter Rabbit displays were gorgeous. On Saturday we hung with our friends again, but this time at the mall. I picked up a couple of cute things for Avery, because you know she needs more clothes! Saturday night Deran joined us to meet up with our pals for some burgers followed by yummy dessert.

And then today, nine hours after leaving the hotel - we made it home! So we had plans to get up, grab lunch, and head home. D had mentioned wanting to see the new Cowboys Stadium and as we headed out of town he decided that we should definitely see it. So I exited where he told me to based on google maps and kept driving...and driving...and we're both wondering why we can't see this massive new stadium from the road and as we make the last turn (in a residential neighborhood) D laughingly says, "Oh my gosh I think you're going to be so mad!" As I pulled into the stadium we both just laughed, then I took a picture through the windshield with my iPhone.


Coppell Cowboys, I'm sure y'all are an awesome high school football team but you are not the Cowboys we were looking for!

So three hours after leaving the hotel and a new route found by my mapquest search, we arrived at the real stadium and then went on the self-guided tour. It was pretty cool but D & I both agreed that should we go back, the VIP tour is the way to go. We overheard bits and pieces of the guided tour and it sounded really cool. Lots of details about the stadium, like the wood that makes up the players' lockers was imported from South Africa and each locker costs about $9,000-$10,000. Yeah. Probably why one of the attendants told me, "Oh you can't actually sit on those!" when Avery & I sat down for a second. Ridiculous, much?


Words of wisdom taped to the mirrors in the players' locker room...


Avery was just excited to get out of her carseat for a while.


She sat on the field but she was so engrossed in watching all of the other people she couldn't really be bothered to look at me. I don't blame her, other people are much more interesting.


And you guys, if you're still reading this incredibly long post, remember it was DERAN who wanted to visit the stadium? Does he not look like he's having a blast?!


I kid, I kid! He had fun too. :)


On the way home we stopped at Buc-ee's where I enjoyed a delicious dinner of jalapeno beef jerkey, a stick of cheese, and banana split dippin' dots. Nutritious, yes? Avery shared the cheese with me and as she bounced on my lap (we were parked!) she stood up to see Deran in front of us and started shrieking, at which time Deran and I noticed the globs of cheese lining her cheeks. She's a hoarder, she probably still has some green beans in there from last Wednesday!

Anyway, thanks Dallas for the memories! We had fun but it's good to be home.

May 27, 2010

cord management


I think it's time we do something about all of those cords in the office. And yes, I do realize my desktop is ridiculously messy. But look! A cute baby!


May 14, 2010

really, d? really?!

That's all I can say. No really, that's all that came to mind. I found this sandal sitting on his desk in the office today. Our baby wears shoes like once every couple of weeks and those sandals were not cheap! And he goes and bends it all up like that?! Really?!


And remember how on Mother's Day we ended up at Michaels and I got the clacker/clapper with the awesome packaging? Well, we also came home with an elephant that, according to the package, is supposed to grow up to 600%!! Totally Deran's idea. There was a squid in a bowl at the end of an aisle that looked pretty cool. Anyway, Sunday night he put it in a bowl of water on the bar and declared that it better be huge by morning. Of course then he read that it takes up to TEN DAYS for it to grow. So you guys, we're on day 5 and that elephant is not 300% bigger. It's still the size of my dadgum pinky finger. I'm just sayin' it was cheap so I don't care, but really?! D's so cute.


And because it's Friday and Aunt D specifically requested more pictures of the cutest baby ever...


And she's cruising. I mean, she has been for a couple of weeks now, but she's really starting to go places. There's no stopping her, and with that smile, who would want to... I mean, really?!


May 11, 2010

what's old is new

I've been a horrible blogger lately. My camera has been sitting on my desk for over a week, untouched. It's sad. I have been taking pictures, I've just been using my iPhone. That's right, I choose my awesome phone camera over my D300s! Not really.

I've completed several crafty projects over the last week. Each one started on a whim, and then it's usually at night or something when I'm working and I just grab my phone to document the project because I do want before and after pictures, I'm just too lazy to go get my camera.

So project number one: my inspiration. I recently bought several plain tanks and tees for Avery with the intent to embellish or applique or basically just change it up. I saw this top and I knew I had the perfect material to work with. An old maternity top (that was worn too recently!) that could easily be refashioned into a cool tunic for my girl!


Oscar assisted me on this one, he's real real helpful like that. The pocket stitching is a little wonky and I'm not going to lie, I had to tug a bit to get it over her head, but the end result? ADORABLE and totally free! I started at the bottom of my shirt so I didn't have to create another hem (smart thinking, right?!) and then I used a piece of the sleeves to create the pockets since it already had the nice trim on top and gathering. I had to gather the neckline just a bit and then cut strips and braided them together and I actually stitched it on by hand, though in hindsight, I could've just used my machine.

So a few nights ago I decided I was going to learn how to make bows. I looked up some YouTube videos and googled a few things and I ended up going with these. So nice of them to offer the free how-to and very easy to follow the steps. These are just the right size for Avery right now!


On to the last project! On Mother's Day we went to Michael's (much prefer Hobby Lobby btw, but they're closed on Sundays!) and came away with a brightly painted clapper/clacker for Avery. It came in a small wooden crate. After taking off the plastic, I knew I wouldn't be throwing it away. Too much potential!


So that night after Avery was all snuggled in bed, I got out some old paint, mod podge, and scrap book paper!


And now it's the perfect bin for all of my spools of thread that had previously been tossed in a drawer! The thread will be easier to find and the drawer looks much better too!


So that's it, no blogging but lot's of crafting. I have a session this weekend so expect some new photos soon. Until then I suppose I can take more pictures of the cutest baby ever and maybe complete a few more crafty projects!

May 3, 2010

nine months

This month snuck up on me. We were busy and last month passed too fast! It's hard to believe in just a few months we'll be celebrating her 1st birthday.

At nine months Avery loves breastfeeding, Mommy & Daddy, the pugs, jumping, standing, baths, & talking/yelling. She still loves to grab anything she can but now she inspects things first before putting them in her mouth...mostly...sometimes. She's a girl on the move though she's not technically crawling. She gets on all fours and gets about two crawls before she flattens and adorably whines to be sat up. She loves to play at her activity table and walks all around it and has gotten quite brave. She'll let go to try and bend down to touch a toy or to grab one of us or to grab at the couch.

She's becoming more interactive and she watches us closely. She started making a new clicking noise with her tongue and she can mimic a few of our sounds. Of course, never when we want her too, but when she feels like it it's very cute. :) She's become an excellent page turner when we read books and I love to watch her use her pointer finger to feel the different textures in the touch and feel books. It's totally adorable! She uses that pointer a lot to touch new things and grab food and I just never get tired of looking at her little hands learn and explore.

She's still not interested in baby food/rice cereal/oatmeal. She does like puffs, sometimes yogurt melts, and the occasional yogurt. Every now and then she'll take a bite of banana. She's well on her way to eating a full meal before kindergarten!

She likes to watch Miss BG on Qubo and she finds the the sleep number bed infomercial particularly amusing. Apparently she finds joy in another's discomfort as she regularly gets a big smile on her face as the lady is describing her back pain prior to her mattress purchase. It makes me smile too. Speaking of pain, Avery now has two teeth with four on the way. She's not been fussy or drooly and I can't believe how well she handles it all.

She dislikes being laid down after she gets up for a nap. Like if you need to change a diaper or something, just wait a minute. I think she thinks she's got to go back to sleep when she's laid down and once she's up...she's up!

I have a lot to say at nine months. She really is such a joy to parent! Not that I haven't enjoyed every other month, but the more she interacts the more fun we have, and lately, that's a lot! While listening to the radio this morning I heard two separate broadcasts about staying at home with your children and it really reaffirmed our decision for me to stay home. I'm so glad I get to be with her every single day and I know it doesn't work out for every person, but I really am so thankful it works for us.

9 months

Happy nine month birthday baby, you are so loved!

May 1, 2010


Bday Collage 1E

Today we celebrated their second birthday. My sister-in-law made the most delicious cupcakes! I'll be using the same recipe in a few months for Avery's birthday party...and maybe tomorrow because they were yummy...and probably again by Tuesday!

DK02 E

They've changed a lot since last year. I feel like a broken record, but I truly cannot believe how fast time passes these days.

DK03 E

The two sillyheads below belong to me. They make me smile. I made Avery a dog onesie because I love matching party themes!

DK04 E

Happy Birthday D & K. I hope you both have a very excellent 2nd year!
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