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May 14, 2010

really, d? really?!

That's all I can say. No really, that's all that came to mind. I found this sandal sitting on his desk in the office today. Our baby wears shoes like once every couple of weeks and those sandals were not cheap! And he goes and bends it all up like that?! Really?!


And remember how on Mother's Day we ended up at Michaels and I got the clacker/clapper with the awesome packaging? Well, we also came home with an elephant that, according to the package, is supposed to grow up to 600%!! Totally Deran's idea. There was a squid in a bowl at the end of an aisle that looked pretty cool. Anyway, Sunday night he put it in a bowl of water on the bar and declared that it better be huge by morning. Of course then he read that it takes up to TEN DAYS for it to grow. So you guys, we're on day 5 and that elephant is not 300% bigger. It's still the size of my dadgum pinky finger. I'm just sayin' it was cheap so I don't care, but really?! D's so cute.


And because it's Friday and Aunt D specifically requested more pictures of the cutest baby ever...


And she's cruising. I mean, she has been for a couple of weeks now, but she's really starting to go places. There's no stopping her, and with that smile, who would want to... I mean, really?!



  1. Thanks for the pictures! Can't wait to see Miss A. If all goes well, I plan to be down the weekend of June 11-14 so I can see Ken before he goes back.

  2. You may have the cutest baby now :), but I have the cutest toddlers. Once Avery is a toddler, we'll be in trouble :D.


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