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May 11, 2010

what's old is new

I've been a horrible blogger lately. My camera has been sitting on my desk for over a week, untouched. It's sad. I have been taking pictures, I've just been using my iPhone. That's right, I choose my awesome phone camera over my D300s! Not really.

I've completed several crafty projects over the last week. Each one started on a whim, and then it's usually at night or something when I'm working and I just grab my phone to document the project because I do want before and after pictures, I'm just too lazy to go get my camera.

So project number one: my inspiration. I recently bought several plain tanks and tees for Avery with the intent to embellish or applique or basically just change it up. I saw this top and I knew I had the perfect material to work with. An old maternity top (that was worn too recently!) that could easily be refashioned into a cool tunic for my girl!


Oscar assisted me on this one, he's real real helpful like that. The pocket stitching is a little wonky and I'm not going to lie, I had to tug a bit to get it over her head, but the end result? ADORABLE and totally free! I started at the bottom of my shirt so I didn't have to create another hem (smart thinking, right?!) and then I used a piece of the sleeves to create the pockets since it already had the nice trim on top and gathering. I had to gather the neckline just a bit and then cut strips and braided them together and I actually stitched it on by hand, though in hindsight, I could've just used my machine.

So a few nights ago I decided I was going to learn how to make bows. I looked up some YouTube videos and googled a few things and I ended up going with these. So nice of them to offer the free how-to and very easy to follow the steps. These are just the right size for Avery right now!


On to the last project! On Mother's Day we went to Michael's (much prefer Hobby Lobby btw, but they're closed on Sundays!) and came away with a brightly painted clapper/clacker for Avery. It came in a small wooden crate. After taking off the plastic, I knew I wouldn't be throwing it away. Too much potential!


So that night after Avery was all snuggled in bed, I got out some old paint, mod podge, and scrap book paper!


And now it's the perfect bin for all of my spools of thread that had previously been tossed in a drawer! The thread will be easier to find and the drawer looks much better too!


So that's it, no blogging but lot's of crafting. I have a session this weekend so expect some new photos soon. Until then I suppose I can take more pictures of the cutest baby ever and maybe complete a few more crafty projects!


  1. Absolutely Adorable!!! Love the shirt! <3, I also love love the basket.

  2. Yes, more pictures of the cutest baby ever, please!


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