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April 3, 2010

eight months

This month snuck up on me. Twice this past week when I was asked how old she was I said, "Seven months", even though she turns eight months today and so of course she was closer to eight than seven...but still! Much like every other month, time is passing too quickly.

At eight months Avery really loves breastfeeding, Mommy & Daddy, the pugs, standing, being outside, baths, TV, her sippy cup, her jumper, and playing with her toys. She's been particularly sweet to us this month and we love every minute of it! Avery is still a fan of the pugs and it's not hard to see why, they're crazy. She really likes to stand or sit, she likes to practice taking steps and pretty much anything is preferable to being placed on her stomach. She still loves baths and I can't wait to see her in a swimming pool this summer, I think she'll really enjoy it! She drinks water out of her sippy cup and while she doesn't end up drinking a whole lot, she does like playing with her cup. TV time is very limited so when I do turn it on she really focuses on the cartoons. It's always funny to see her laugh at something on TV, and for whatever reason she really zones out during a particular debt commercial on Qubo. You cannot get her attention for anything! One day Deran got in her face and she leaned around him to finish watching. It was both adorable & ridiculous.

She really dislikes having things taken away from her, frogs, and baby food of any kind. She's a baby who's used to getting what she wants when she wants it and so if you take away an object, well, it could get ugly. Basically don't hand her something she's not allowed to play with or that you'll be wanting back. Avery has had a negative reaction to both a stuffed frog and a frog bath mitt. However, she's totally okay with the wooden frog we use for animal sounds and regularly reaches for it to chomp on its head. As far as baby food goes, I don't know. She's never loved it, but the last month or so has seen her go from a casual dislike to total blech! where eating is concerned. We'll ease into eating solids when the time is right for her. I made her apples a few nights ago and she took one bite and acted like I'd stuffed a lemon in her mouth, but not before adding some extra sour sauce and a sprinkling of dirt. Yes, her face was that bad. Dramatic, much? I just don't know where she gets it! :)

At eight months Avery is close to crawling but not quite there. She does bounce to different locations if given the right incentive. She has two teeth and with that second one has come lots of drool. Avery likes to turn out the light in her room about 85% of the time. That other 15% she won't even look at it. She is still quite vocal and is starting to babble. Yesterday I took her out to walk on the back patio and she talked the whole time and then looked up at me and smiled, it was really really cute!

Like every other month, an iPhone salute to Ave.


A few things I want to remember about this time...the way she holds onto me when she eats is so sweet. When she wakes up first in the morning she'll grab my face or my arm, basically whatever she can get her hands on, it's easier when I wake up first. :) Almost every night before Deran & I go to sleep we just stare at her and marvel over how cute she is, how much she's grown, how much we love her, and how completely perfect she is to us. We are so lucky to have her and we really do realize it. Inevitably we wake her up a couple of nights a week and we take the opportunity to sneak in some hugs and kisses before going to sleep!

Happy eight month birthday baby girl, we love you lots!

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