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September 30, 2011

plus one

jmaternity08 E

jmaternity01 E

I met up with a gorgeous couple last weekend and they will be welcoming a sweet girl in November.  This soon-to-be mom seriously has a perfect baby bump!  And she also had a fabulous wardrobe. :)

jmaternity02 E

jmaternity03 E

jmaternity04 E

I originally had plans for another location but the light was fading fast so we made an impromptu stop at what turned out to be a great spot!
jmaternity06 E

jmaternity05 E

jmaternity09 E

jmaternity07 E

Congrats you two, I know you'll be great parents.  Enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy J, you're one gorgeous mom-to-be!

September 29, 2011

that's a lot of green


Our garden is still growing and producing vegetables!  Sadly, only our bell pepper and okra plants have survived.  We do still have two giant tomato plants, taking up space and teasing us with lots of blooms but no fruit.

At the end of last week I picked SEVEN bell peppers and one okra.  I had to throw away several pieces of okra because it wasn't edible, I'd let it grow too long.  I really hate it when that happens.  It's crazy how much our pepper plants are producing since I thought they'd never mature.  I swore we'd save money and buy seeds next year, but now I'm not so sure.  I really love those plants!


Always with my helper!  She got a little bossy when Oscar came sniffing around and she had to give him a stern talking to. :)  I miss the days when she said, "Oat-doh," you can actually tell she's talking about okra now.


I'm so glad we started the garden this year, it's been a great experience for our little family.  It's not too late to get a fall garden going if anyone is thinking about it!  

September 28, 2011

of siblings, superheroes, and sweetness

How I wish I had my camera ready when this family arrived!  I opened my door to Superman, complete with bulging biceps and superhero cape, then after a quick change a normal big brother made himself comfortable in front of my camera.  

siblings06 E

Remember this tiny baby?  She turned a month old on Saturday and came back for a couple of pictures with her siblings. 

siblings04 E

I called him Superman when trying to get him to sit for me and he said, "I'm not Superman, I'm just Max.  See, I'm just wearing my clothes."  Like, "Duh lady!"  So funny and he was seriously so cute!  

siblings02 E

And boy does that Max love his sisters, both of them.  He willingly snuggled up to both of them, sometimes without me even asking. :)

siblings01 E

Not to be outdone by her little brother's cuteness, Big Sister is a beauty!  She was such a trooper, I guess I don't realize how heavy a one month old is when you're only six. :)

siblings03 E

And this one, just because she said it was her favorite elephant and really wanted a picture with it. 

siblings05 E

I reeeallly enjoyed these kids!  They were hilarious and did you even notice their baby blues?!  Gorgeous kids, all three of them!!  Happy Wednesday! 

September 27, 2011

a reception to remember

Reception03 E

Their wedding was fabulous and the reception was no different.  I loved watching everyone boogie on the dance floor and listen to the sentimental stories & toasts.  Everyone was happy and having fun, my favorite kind of party to photograph!  

Reception07 E

Reception04 E

Reception05 E

Reception01 E

Reception02 E

This couple is much loved and a lot of fun, congrats again Mr. & Mrs. Burke!

Reception06 E

September 26, 2011

bodies in the freezer

Oops, I meant barbies in the freezer!  One day last week I opened the freezer and noticed a barbie tot in the door, just laying there amidst the empty popsicle tray and a bag of gumdrops from last Christmas.  Soooo doesn't seem like a doll is so out of place now that I think of all the other things around her.  I should really clean out the freezer.  


But seriously, it was days before I remembered to remove this doll.  When I noticed it I grabbed my camera off the table and snapped a picture but by that time something else was happening in the hallway and I set my camera down and forgot!  And crazily enough, that's not the only doll that's been hanging out with our food.  I opened the fridge on Friday to have Ming Ming fly off a shelf and hit the floor.  Avery came running into the kitchen to pick her up and then started asking, "Where my Winny (Linny) go?" over and over until I opened the fridge once more.  And sure enough, three shelves down in the door sat Linny atop a jar of BBQ sauce.  Random things in random places, you just never know.

September 19, 2011

mr. & mrs. burke

The honeymoon may be over, but the honeymoon phase has just begun.  This gorgeous girl and her new husband are back home and it's time I posted a sneak peek of their big day!  The venue was fabulous, the hair stylist did an amazing job, and I loved every thoughtful detail that made this day so special.

BW01 E

BW06 E

BW04 E

BW07 E

The Bride's sweet parents.  Her mom looked so beautiful!
BW05 E

BW02 E

BW10 E

BW11 E

BW12 E

BW09 E

BW08 E

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Burke!   

BW13 E

I have much more to share of this couple coming up this week!

September 15, 2011

she is their sunshine

M5 E

Miss Mallory is turning one so we met up Sunday night to document this special time and take some family photos!  We started out at the same location her parents got married.  It's kind of neat to see how life has changed over the years.

M1 E

M2 E

M3 E

Loved her shoes! And also that she was signing "more." Man, I love babies that sign!

M6 E

M7 E

After a quick wardrobe change, she was ready for more photos.  Talk about sweet disposition, this happy girl never once fussed or cried! And rumor has it she goes to bed at 7:30 p.m. - no songs, no fuss, just goes to bed. Yeah, I'm a little bit jealous.

M11 E

M9 E

M8 E

M10 E

Without a doubt, this adorable girl lights up their days.  And that's just as it should be.  Happy early 1st birthday to a super sweet baby girl!

September 14, 2011

faux bows

Sometimes I make Avery's bows. I've bought lots of ribbon in hopes of making lots of bows. That kind of makes sense, lots of ribbon equals lots of bows. I'm not a great bow maker, I'm not even a good one. So I guess the title is a little misleading, I do indeed make bows. It's just that sometimes the clips don't close all the way, and despite my good intentions, it's almost always glued on crooked.

bows-1 B

I've read several tutorials and my sister and sister-in-law (both great bow makers!) have tried to teach me. But alas, I don't like to measure and I've no patience for perfect proportions. And so I've found that when it comes to hair bows, my craftiness does indeed have boundaries. But here's the thing, when they're in her hair - you can't really tell.

bows-2 B
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