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September 14, 2011

faux bows

Sometimes I make Avery's bows. I've bought lots of ribbon in hopes of making lots of bows. That kind of makes sense, lots of ribbon equals lots of bows. I'm not a great bow maker, I'm not even a good one. So I guess the title is a little misleading, I do indeed make bows. It's just that sometimes the clips don't close all the way, and despite my good intentions, it's almost always glued on crooked.

bows-1 B

I've read several tutorials and my sister and sister-in-law (both great bow makers!) have tried to teach me. But alas, I don't like to measure and I've no patience for perfect proportions. And so I've found that when it comes to hair bows, my craftiness does indeed have boundaries. But here's the thing, when they're in her hair - you can't really tell.

bows-2 B

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