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September 13, 2011

i'm back!

I spent a long weekend in Huntville attending the Kitchen Sink workshop.  It was an amazing experience and I have lots to share!  I basically got home Sunday afternoon and drove off to another session with an adorable baby girl and her family.  So while I have a ton of images to show, I have to get a few things in order concerning home and business first!  So today I'll show a couple of my Avery Kate.  

She wasn't in the best mood upon arriving at the hotel late Thursday night.  How sad is that lip?!  We get it all the time and I'm pretty sure each time her pout is a little more pronounced.  So ridiculously cute!

 samhouston-2 E
samhouston-1 E

And on the way home we stopped by the park and then went to visit the statue.  Sam Houston was HUGE!  When we left Avery said, "Bye-bye statue man!"

samhouston-3 E

With Cheetos all over her face. I think that was all she ate for breakfast and lunch.  We're good parents like that.

samhouston-4 E

Hope everyone is having a great week.  Sooooo many great photos and stories to share this week!

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