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September 8, 2011


Last Friday was the best kind of day. After a morning walk, I let Avery don her swimsuit for some fun in the backyard. The hose had been watering the back patio for several minutes while she scooped water from a bowl into a pitcher. I'd been walking around, warning her away from ants, delighting with her over a filled pitcher. Then she walked over to me and said, "Wook, wootprints. Mommy's wootprint." And there she stood, on my footprint.


I love days like that. During the crazy times, I think about those moments and it makes everything alright. This is a good life, enjoy it! I'm off to a workshop weekend with the fabulous Amanda Holloway and I'm excited to meet some lovely ladies and learn a lot. I'll be wrapping up the weekend with a sweet one year old's birthday session. Lots going on right now and lots to look forward to on the blog!

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