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September 26, 2011

bodies in the freezer

Oops, I meant barbies in the freezer!  One day last week I opened the freezer and noticed a barbie tot in the door, just laying there amidst the empty popsicle tray and a bag of gumdrops from last Christmas.  Soooo doesn't seem like a doll is so out of place now that I think of all the other things around her.  I should really clean out the freezer.  


But seriously, it was days before I remembered to remove this doll.  When I noticed it I grabbed my camera off the table and snapped a picture but by that time something else was happening in the hallway and I set my camera down and forgot!  And crazily enough, that's not the only doll that's been hanging out with our food.  I opened the fridge on Friday to have Ming Ming fly off a shelf and hit the floor.  Avery came running into the kitchen to pick her up and then started asking, "Where my Winny (Linny) go?" over and over until I opened the fridge once more.  And sure enough, three shelves down in the door sat Linny atop a jar of BBQ sauce.  Random things in random places, you just never know.


  1. Her grandpa loved his little pillow and lost it one day. He cried and cried and refused to go to sleep 'til it turned up. We searched everywhere and Mom finally found it in the freezer! It must be a Schilling trait to store your fav things in the freezer.

  2. Debbie that is so funny! Definitely must be a Schilling thing. :)


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