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September 28, 2011

of siblings, superheroes, and sweetness

How I wish I had my camera ready when this family arrived!  I opened my door to Superman, complete with bulging biceps and superhero cape, then after a quick change a normal big brother made himself comfortable in front of my camera.  

siblings06 E

Remember this tiny baby?  She turned a month old on Saturday and came back for a couple of pictures with her siblings. 

siblings04 E

I called him Superman when trying to get him to sit for me and he said, "I'm not Superman, I'm just Max.  See, I'm just wearing my clothes."  Like, "Duh lady!"  So funny and he was seriously so cute!  

siblings02 E

And boy does that Max love his sisters, both of them.  He willingly snuggled up to both of them, sometimes without me even asking. :)

siblings01 E

Not to be outdone by her little brother's cuteness, Big Sister is a beauty!  She was such a trooper, I guess I don't realize how heavy a one month old is when you're only six. :)

siblings03 E

And this one, just because she said it was her favorite elephant and really wanted a picture with it. 

siblings05 E

I reeeallly enjoyed these kids!  They were hilarious and did you even notice their baby blues?!  Gorgeous kids, all three of them!!  Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Amy!! This blog had me laughing =D Thank you so much again, I love it!

  2. You are very welcome Sarah! Your kids really are so precious and I enjoyed my time with y'all!


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