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July 30, 2009

counting kisses

Last week Deran and I decided to stop by Best Buy and pick up a few DVDs. It's what we do, we buy movies in lieu of paying for cable. It's more expensive really and while our collection is staggering, we tend to watch the same few over and over. But, I digress.

On the way to the checkout line, stuck beneath rows of candy and gift cards, was
this book. I grabbed it because it looked cute and I'm so glad I did.

We've decided this must be her bedtime book forever. It's so sweet! And I know I use the word "sweet" a LOT, but there's just no other word to describe it.

I can't wait to kiss her 10 tiny toes and I don't have much longer!

July 25, 2009

house arrest

Yesterday I gave a few of those closest to me a real scare and it was absolutely unintentional. I was meeting up with a friend for a pedicure and somehow we had our locations crossed. I thought we were meeting at the salon and she thought we were meeting at her house.

Long story short, an hour later she walks in-on the phone to my sister-and says everyone is looking for me. D was on the road looking for me, my mom left a meeting in search of me...and meanwhile I'm relaxing as I enjoy my deluxe pedicure and manicure.

I can only imagine the worry they experienced, so I'm not allowed to go anywhere by myself for the next three weeks per Deran and my mom. I suppose I can oblige since I really have a lot to get done at home before Avery arrives. The only problem? Instead of the need to "nest" I feel like I need to SHOP!

July 24, 2009

10 things about my pregnancy

1. I haven't been sick, not one single time.
2. 99% of the time I choose Mexican food if we're going out to eat.
3. My hips and legs hurt at night making a full night's rest almost impossible.
4. I LOVE to feel the baby move, it's so reassuring.
5. I have to check my blood sugar four times a day.
6. I love my husband even more and wish he could stay home too.
7. It's hot and I can't wait to meet her, but I don't mind pregnancy. It's been pretty great.
8. I almost can't finish this list because I have a problem with lists, just ask my book club members.
9. The baby is currently considered to be in the footling breech position.
10. Because of #9, her birthday will be August 14th--unless she turns this week!

July 22, 2009

Yesterday K and I spent about 5-6 hours preparing meals to store in the freezer. Our very pregnant bodies were aching by early afternoon, but it will be very nice after the babies arrive!

There were casseroles and pot pies galore! Thankfully we had leftover spaghetti last night or I would've been very tempted to put one of these in the oven. In fact, I'm kind of worried that might happen anyway!

As of now, it looks like our sweet girl will arrive in just a few weeks. There is still so much to get done but if I just go lay on the couch it's easy to pretend there's nothing that needs doing. :) And instead of going through that growing stack of papers on the kitchen table (as seen in picture one) I think I will continue perusing Etsy in search of the perfect art prints for the baby's room. I'm nothing if not productive!

July 20, 2009

circus circus

D and I went to the circus yesterday with his brothers, a sister-in-law, and our niece and nephews. I think we all agreed that it was waaaaayyy better when we were kids. I'm pretty sure I remember lions, a flaming hoop, and yes--a unicorn. We saw none of that yesterday and the two and a half hour performance was filled with lame skits wherein a clown stole the ringmaster's hat and, HOUSTON?! HOW CAN HE GET HIS HAT BACK?! And can I just tell you that it wasn't even a real top hat! Isn't the ringmaster supposed to wear a top hat?! And speaking of the ringmaster, when did he turn the circus into a musical? Because he didn't just speak his dialogue, he sang 90% of it.

I think maybe it's just a part of getting older. Lots of kids in the audience seemed to be having a good time, though I can't say the same for the four with us. I don't want to be completely negative, I really enjoyed the Rebel Riders, elephants...and wow! It's kind of hard to pick a third...oh wait--before it got started a clown took up a cell phone from an unsuspecting circus goer and that was pretty funny. Okay--now for some pictures!

I do want to point out a few things about the photos. That clown is not really smiling, the cotton candy cost $12, I like stilts, and my sweet niece K had the right idea. A nap mid-way through would've been really nice.

July 17, 2009

she's lucky

She's lucky she's so cute because this girl was NOT cooperative today! We started outside in the best green grass, in the cutest watermelon ensemble...and it went downhill from there. She did not like the grass at all and she really didn't want her picture taken unless she was holding on to her momma. Oh well, I guess we'll try again another day!

July 14, 2009

we may have a problem...

Well, I am currently experiencing some computer/network problems which explains why I have the extra time on my hands to play around on this site. Only I don't really have extra time because there a hundred other things I could be doing.

However, the real problem I'm talking about is the appearance of our unborn baby.

According to the morphed photos, this is what she'll look like. There's something very disturbing about those shady hairlines. Let's hope our actual DNA produces something a little cuter than the pictures I chose to upload!

July 13, 2009

forecast: another shower

Though it was a completely different shower, no water involved--unless you count the liquid in my cup.

Yesterday I attended a baby shower for my cousin K. It's hard to believe, but she'll be welcoming her little one in just over three weeks! I got to visit with some friends and family and consumed too much yummy food. Why is it when eating triangles from a sandwich tray, my total count always equals more than one sandwich?! It's like, they're tiny so I must eat twelve! Not really, but I was very full.

I have just a couple of sessions scheduled in the coming weeks for family members and I've already started booking sessions for after the baby arrives and I start back to work. October is quickly filling up with a wedding and two family sessions, but November is wide open!

So expect lots of pug pictures with a few real sessions thrown in over the next couple of months. Of course there will be days of baby pictures after she arrives, I can't wait!

July 11, 2009

rabid bunnies

Unfortunately, I have no pictures...or proof that the bunnies are indeed carrying rabies. There's a large field directly behind our house and this summer we've been visited by little brown bunnies several times. They seem to be eating in our backyard, though I'm not sure what nourishment they're getting from the dead grass. And the dead grass? Well that's all part of D's plan for a stronger lawn next year. The front yard looks super fab though!

So I had seen a rabbit in the backyard last week, very small and brown with a white cotton tail. When I opened the door, it hopped back under the fence. The last few days, the bunny has been back...and it's added a friend.

On Wednesday, Deran was closing the blinds and saw the bunny and I was all, "We have to let the dogs out!" I just wanted to see how they would react, believe me, I wasn't putting the bunny in any danger. In fact, I hate to speak for the whole breed because it could just be my two, but pugs are not the most observant animals. Put something new in the house without showing them first and they freak out, but neither one even glanced in the direction of the rabbit. D and I stood on the patio watching it and I thought maybe something was wrong with it since it just sat it was RABID. Because in my experience, any wild animal is rabid. I don't know if it's too much Old Yeller or a fear of bats, or the mad dog in To Kill A Mockingbird--but why wouldn't that rabbit move?!

We did what anyone would do when dealing with a rabid animal. We put our dogs back in the house, went back out and moved closer. It's like a horror movie, when there's a noise and they run outside. WHY?! Then the bunny took off under the fence. It looks like he wasn't rabid, just a little brave and why not, he was was really camouflaged in the patch of brown grass.

We walked up to the fence to see the area he slipped beneath and I told Deran where he'd slipped out when I had seen him before. We walked a few feet away to check out the fence and there was an ENORMOUS copperhead coiled there, head up, ready to strike! I did actually take a couple of pictures of the snake but my camera is in the kitchen and I'm in the office and yes, I am that lazy.

I won't go into details, but I don't believe the snake will be back. It's only the second snake we've seen this year, both copperheads. The first one was tiny and met the weedeater before D even saw it. But really, this one was HUGE!

Last night the bunny and a larger friend were back, hopping around the backyard. But I stayed in the house--I can't be getting rabies!

July 10, 2009

a favorite

This is the backside of my niece A. The party was over, much cake had been eaten, a bottle consumed, and a lovely birthday outfit put back on. She was climbing all over her new chair, courtesy of the Grandparents G.

D and I were still there visiting and I snapped a few more pictures and I loved this picture. I love all of the ruffles and the big bow, her baby legs, and knowing how excited she was to move about the chair. Maybe not as entertaining as when she later decided to start hiding Noah's animals under the TV armoire, one by one instead of two by two, but still--she's just such a cute baby!

July 8, 2009

50 years of celebration

In May I shot this lovely couple, and I was so happy to be asked to photograph their party recently. I'm wrapping up the edits this week and with each picture I'm reminded of the good times shared that night.

Congrats again C & D, 50 years is certainly a reason to celebrate!

July 7, 2009

Will you just look at those cheeks?! Saturday not only did we celebrate our country, we also celebrated my niece A's first birthday. This little (and I use that term loosely) guy was in attendance and he looks a little uncertain about having his picture taken!

I'll have pictures to post of the party, but first I have to finish up another session!

July 2, 2009

h family

I had the opportunity to photograph a newborn recently and it just made me more excited to hold and photograph my own sweet baby. It's hard to imagine how much our life is about to change in just a few short weeks, but I can't wait!

Without doubt, little J has captured his parents' whole hearts. He's one lucky little boy...and a sleepy one too.

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