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March 10, 2012

10 on 10 | march edition

Sooo not much has changed since last month, or at least it appears that way.  We do have fun days and really active weeks but lately I've just lived those moments instead of bringing my camera along.  I wish I did have more photos of those days so I can more easily recall the moments, but there's something to be said for the every day.  Laundry, monsters, and madness fill the gaps between trips to the library, playing outside, and fun with friends and family.  We've had our fair share of rain the last couple of weeks so we've spent quite a bit of time indoors, just living life and enjoying our own company.  Make no mistake though, we're ready to be out in the sunshine again! :)

A little early morning Diego never hurt a girl.  


Cooking food, it's what I do.  And actually, only that pot on the right has anything in it.  The other two are clean and waiting to be crammed into our tiny cabinet.


Sorting laundry. Ugh.  I'll forever be doing laundry, one day more, one day less.  But always, it will be there.




Don't let this smile fool you, she's up to no good!


She easily reaches cabinet tops these days.  Monsters and baby princesses are the proof.


More work!  Yea for weddings! :)


Packing for another weekend of travel.  I feel as if we live on the road and out of suitcases these days.  Maybe another month of busy travel and then I'll start to feel truly settled.


A little evening Diego never hurt a girl.


Oh, Caillou!  We checked this out from the library a few days ago and I actually really like it.  We've read it several times and I've started replacing "Caillou" with "Avery" in hopes that it all sinks in just a bit more.


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  1. i love the way you captured your everyday. well done!!

  2. very nice, I like your comments on each picture, specially the one with her smiling!


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