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February 10, 2012

10 on 10 | february edition

It's time for another edition of 10 on 10!  I photographed a rather lazy day but as that's how many days are spent, it's true to our life right now.  And lazy or not, these are the moments that make up our days.

I've been trying to introduce more variety at every meal with Avery.  In addition to breakfast staples of yogurt and bacon, this morning she had Nutella on toast.  And she asked me to take a picture of her, and I swear that's the look she gave me.  Hey, I'll take what I can get!

Feb03 B

My computer was on the fritz for a few days.  Deran thinks he has all the kinks worked out but it's still a little iffy. 

Feb08 B

After breakfast and staring at my broken computer, it was time for another breathing treatment.  Avery's been dealing with some upper respiratory issues but is on the mend.  I read to pass the time and after laying down for a minute she hopped into my lap, that's her fuzzy head on the bottom of the photo.

Feb05 B

For someone who didn't want to make "Vawentimes" she really went to town with all those stickers.  Shortly after we did some pasting activities and those were a huge hit.  She really loves glue sticks!

Feb04 B

Laundry is forever piling up, clean or dirty, there's always something to be done.  While I folded a load of towels Avery rolled around in the dog's bed...more clothes for me to wash! :)

Feb06 B

Came home from some errands and put a package over the sink.  At least I did the dishes first!  

Feb09 B

My sweet girl playing with her puppies.  And of course a computer that still wouldn't work.

Feb02 B

We've been dealing with a sick puglet.  A trip to the vet and hopefully we're on the right track.

Feb07 B

We don't normally brush her teeth atop the dresser but it happened this night.  And I love those two the most, I really do.

Feb01 B

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  1. these are really sweet. i like the side by side photos that really tell a story.

  2. Definitely tells a story! I just love your daughter's expression in the second photo. so sweet. The last image of the two of them brushing teeth is my favorite. We have the same scenario in our house. Great job!

  3. Yes, definitely great storytelling! Great job, Amy!

  4. I love the last picture! Great captures of your everyday.


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