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February 8, 2012

usps fail

Though the title may be misleading because I'm sure my friend Tina considers this a total win.  I mailed off a CD for Tina last Monday, January 30th, and on Monday morning, February 6th, she asked when I thought she might be receiving said package.  I was surprised to hear she hadn't gotten it after a full week! 

Fast forward to midnight when I picked up my cell and found I had a voice-mail from Tina.  She just wanted to let me know that the CD had arrived that day and by the way she's not sure if I meant to send the 2012 Grammy CD as an early birthday present or something...but it was nice.  Um, what??  And darn me for never having my cell phone around these days!  I texted to let her know that I'd love to take credit for the gift but it just wasn't me.  And then, WAIT - was the grammy CD in the same envelope?!  Because the crazy theories were already forming and I was totally intrigued!  And is this another, "I inherited an oil company!" thing (shortish long story from college, but basically a joke I completely fell for)?!  Because if so, Good one!  You totally got me!  

She took the photo below at 6:30 Tuesday morning after reading my texts.  And she assures me that this is no joke, that music CD was indeed delivered in the same package.


WHAT?!  Obviously the package was opened since not only have I not purchased (or stolen) a copy of the 2012 Grammy nominees disk, but I also didn't send that package first class.  I saw that stamp and it just added to the whole SOMETHING IS AMISS HERE.  I knew I had more than enough postage and dropped that envelope in the outside drop box at a local post office.  Soooo when the federal government randomly opens packages, are they in the habit of then mixing up the contents or adding to them?  And then shipping FIRST CLASS?  And Internet, she said it wasn't even taped - just sealed like the regular envelope.  Ohhh, USPS you're gooooood.

So my friend Laci still hasn't received her mail, also sent on January 30th. And if there's an extra something in hers I just don't know.  I really don't.  Bizarre.   


  1. Yup. As the Tina in question, I can verify that this is ALL true. And thank you US Government :) You may take away almost half my annual income in taxes, but my 2012 Grammy nominee CD is a lovely touch :)

  2. Please send me a present. I want to see what the post office decides to send me as a bonus!


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