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March 12, 2012

the mika family

mika02 E

Wowzers, I'm seriously behind on my blog!  I've been traveling so much over the last couple of months and I have several sessions to post so stay tuned this week for lots of new faces (and a few familiar ones too!) as I make my way through sessions dating all the way back to JANUARY.  

mika01 E

I'm starting out the week with one of my favorite families.  Oh, what's that?!  They happen to be my cousins??  Family or not, I'd still count these guys as some of my faves!

mika03 E

mika04 E

mika06 E

Kristi & Eric, thanks so much for being such great sports and letting me photograph your cute family!  Love you guys and your little cubs too! ;)

*Special thanks to Vanessa of V Powers Photography for coming to my rescue and loaning me her camera as I left mine at home and didn't realize it until half-way through the trip!*


  1. Love that Mika family! Great pics again Amy!

  2. Thanks, Lori! I love them too! ;)


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