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March 9, 2012

52 fridays | week 10 | your season

I suppose I could have said, "My season."  I think this theme can be interpreted so many ways!  On the one hand, here we are in March and yet when I look out over my patio it's very hard to tell because things are very much a sea of browns.  Certainly there are signs of spring and of new life all around, but when I only look out of one window they can be hard to spot.

We close on our house next week and to me that's a big deal.  For one, no more mortgage payments on a house we don't occupy - hurrah!  But I find myself dreading the letting go completely of that place for fear I'll lose all the lovely memories made in our first home.  Silly, I know.  And my goodness, I took a photo of a deer in what is currently my backyard!  My life is good and a new season is just starting.  


Now head on over to see the season of the very talented Erin Dahl, Memphis, TN Photographer!


  1. Lovely image. Looks like you have a lot going on in this season of change in your life.

  2. Beautiful animals. We enjoy them during every season in our backyard as well!

  3. That's a great shot of the deer. Best of luck with the season of change you are about to experience.

  4. Beautiful, you are lucky to have these lovely animals so close to you! And good luck with the new house!


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