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January 17, 2012

the brown brothers

 bb05 E

I've photographed this pair of brothers the last few years and I'm always so excited when I hear from their mom each fall.  For one reason or another, this session was postponed almost TWO months from our initial date in November. Though you'd never guess that these photos were actually taken in January - one of our crazy warm days and the trees still had leaves!

bb06 E

bb07 E

bb08 E

bb09 E

bb10 E

bb11 E

bb12 E

bb13 E

bb15 E

bb16 E

bb17 E

bb18 E

When we scheduled this session their momma, Hope's, mentioned that she'd caught them drinking out of the same cup with two straws and that it was really cute.  So it was decided a milkshake must be included!  I really love this set, she was right - two straws is indeed really cute!!

bb01 E

bb02 E

bb03 E

bb04 E

And I'm so excited to say that these two siblings will be a set of three next year...but next year I'll have to go with The Brown Brothers and SISTER!!!  So super happy for this friend and her sweet family!

bb19 E

Thanks so much Hope's, I can't wait to meet the newest Brown sibling!!

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