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November 18, 2010

brotherly love

B01 E

Day Eighteen: I'm thankful for siblings.

B04 E

I mean, I only have the one sister, but I know Deran is thankful for his brothers too. I'm really glad I wasn't a lonely only. I know lots of people without siblings who are perfectly content with their single status, but I'm the youngest so I never experienced even a moment without my sister.

B07 E

I spent some time with two brothers recently and I'm pretty sure I grinned behind the camera through most of the session. It was so fun to watch them interact and and watch T take care of little A, such a sweet big brother!

B08 E

H is a great mom, at one point during the session she had a four year old falling over her and a one year old trying to escape. Lots of tickling, laughing, and two happy boys. And speaking of Brotherly Love, was anyone else a fan? I do enjoy some Lawrence brothers!

B06 E

A sibling can be your best friend, your worst enemy, and everything in between. Who else can you talk about your crazy parents with?! :) And while I'm totally in love with my one baby, I also look forward to the day she has a sibling.

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