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January 19, 2012

my good friend, tina

t01 E

This is yet another long overdue post, I actually spent some time with these guys before Christmas!  This is my lovely friend Tina.  I've written of her before and she's just one of those friends that no matter the distance or months apart, we'll always pick up as if we've seen each other every day.  Right, Tina?!  Right?!?!  Oh, I do love my T! :)

t02 E

t03 E

She and her mom were really wanting to get a few photos with her grandmother, so before we left town Tina and I headed over to meet everyone at her grandmother's house.  It was a really chilly morning!  We stayed just in the back yard, in front of a couple of orange trees.  I left with THREE full bags of oranges that I then shared with my parents and Deran's uncle.  I think they were just about the best oranges I've eaten.

t04 E

t05 E

t06 E

Thanks so much Tina & Judy, as always it was so great to visit with everyone.  I'm a little sad because in moving to Austin we've increased the distance, but what's a few more hours when you're already driving three?!  I hope we can meet up again during crawfish season! ;) 

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