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January 20, 2012

52 fridays | week 3 | words

Words are powerful, aren't they?  Whether written or spoken, once they're out there you can never get them back.

My girl and I spent a morning cuddled on the couch, drawing over the latest issue of OK! Magazine.  It was a total impulse buy at the dollar store one afternoon, I don't even know what made me grab it along with a pack of gum and a can of hair spray. After decorating the cover, we flipped through and she'd tell me what to draw on each person - a mustache, a necklace, shades, eyebrows, even a couple of beards.  As an after thought, I gave each of the women in this spread a speech bubble and asked Avery what she thought they would say.  Jordin Sparks said, "We just got to Nana's house."  Charlize seemed a little confused whether she was going or coming.  Though I think she was probably thinking, "Thanks for the fab shades and adorable headband.  And by the by, this choker just makes my outfit!"

Don't forget to go see more words with the amazingly crafty and talented Christa Paustenbaugh of Manassas, VA!  

Week3 Words

We spend a lot of time in words, my girl and me.  We sing, we read, we talk, she talks, I listen.  It's amazing the things she picks up and the things she comes up with.  Learned phrases and retorts, things I didn't realize I myself said until I heard them come out of her mouth.  Not bad things necessarily, but things like, "um" before starting a sentence. Or "maybe tomorrow," (breaks my heart!) and a recent favorite, "yo."  Her use of the word "yo" makes me laugh.  Just this week she's said, "Get me out, yo!" "Just go, yo!" and "I'm climbing up, yo!"  Oh, the countless times Deran and I have said to one another to be mindful of what we say in her presence.  What goes in finds its way out.  

This week in the midst of work and life, I've been taking care of the smaller details involved in moving.  Forwarding mail, cancelling various memberships, etc.  I ran into a bit of a snag with one membership and though my words were carefully chosen in my email, my response was laced with sarcasm and incredulity at the ridiculousness of the situation.  What I got was an apology and a terminated membership, effective immediately.  However, my victory fell flat as I read the reply.  I'd gotten my way, but I was a brat and came away feeling like...well, like a butthead.  

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.  Ephesians 4:29

Ouch.  We can't control the words of others, but we certainly have control of our own and of the power we let the words of others have over us.  Today I'll be more careful to give power to the words that help and let go of the ones that hurt.  



  1. Love that you made your own stories for the magazine!
    And I too have had my sarcasm come back to bite me in the hiney. It's those times I wish I could reel in the words that came out.

  2. Very powerful post. Love the picture too!

  3. Your magazine enhancements made me laugh - what a silly and fun way to spend some time!!
    And I love your post about words, thank you for sharing that reminder. :)

  4. Such a fun take on the theme! And your words --- beautifully written. It's always good for us to reflect on the impact of our words.

  5. What a fun take on this week's theme... love it! Very creative. Love what you said in the rest as well, so true.

  6. Very true, I often have a hard time with my words coming out harsher than I intended, it's something to be mindful of for sure, especially with young children who are learning from us all the time, whether we know it or not. Oh, and also, great use of the magazine, better than looking through enviously :)

  7. I remember the first time something like happened to me and how it changed my approach to what I said when my kids or any kids were within earshot of my voice. I love you take on this week's theme. Very creative!

  8. so true. i need to remember that.


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