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October 31, 2011

leprosy not included

armadillo01 B

armadillo02 B

 I know it's a real disease and not one to be taken lightly, but you guys - she's an armadillo.  Happy Halloween!

October 29, 2011

bigger pumpkins

pp2011 05 B

Is it just me or are the pumpkins bigger than last year?  I mean, I know my girl is small but good grief did our patch have some large pumpkins!  For the third year in a row we headed to the pumpkin patch on Schilling Avenue.  It's a great spot and Avery had a lot of fun running around...not so much fun on the train ride.  No pictures of that because I was walking around to keep up with the train to reassure my baby of her safety.  She cried the whole way around the pumpkin patch but later told us it was fun. :)

 pp2011 02 B

pp2011 03 B

When I got home and looked through these pictures, I noticed that Avery looks like a big kid.  And then I cried.  The End.

pp2011 06 B

One of these pumpkins is not like the others, one of these pumpkins just doesn't belong...

pp2011 04 B

Two things about the pictures below.  First, Avery had her first snow cone.  I think she took two bites.  And the second thing is that Deran is totally cheesy.  There are signs posted all over the pumpkin patch that he ignores every year.  So this year I was all, "I'm going to set this up and get you picking up a pumpkin behind the sign!"  It's true, I may be a little cheesy too.  ANYWAY, when I took the picture he totally turned and smiled like a loon.  He is ridiculous (and maybe a little rude for not abiding by the rules!) but he makes me laugh. 

pp2011 01 B

October 28, 2011

a rainy day bride

I'm probably being a little dramatic but when we haven't had much rain since I can't even recall, the storm on the day of Brianne's bridal portrait session was like, REALLY?!  It was soooooo dark and stormy but she'd already had her hair and makeup professionally done so we met at her church to rock out some bridal portraits in the storm of the century.  And now I really am being dramatic.

bbridal01 E

bbridal03 E

bbridal04 E

The stained glass windows on the day of her wedding were so beautiful, the weather was perfect!  I'll have lots to share from that special Saturday soon...or soonish.  I love to be really specific...ish.

bbridal05 E

bbridal07 E

We did end up meeting for some more casual photos at her parents' farm one Sunday evening.  And I can now add falling on my behind to my list of fabulous photo session moments.  I felt like I was really in slow motion and I know I held my camera up but the whole thing was over quickly and I was back on my feet.  All I can say is that I'm glad I carry Ibuprofen in my shootsac! :)

bbridal08 E

bbridal09 E

You were a gorgeous bride B, so thankful you chose me to be a part of it all!

October 27, 2011

fall is finally here!

Kind of!  I have seen the changing colors all around and tomorrow the temperatures are supposed to drop. Yea!  Last week I met up with some cool kids for a few fall photos.  Even if it was 80 degrees at 9:30 in the morning and the mosquitos were terrible. OFF has been in my camera bag for about a month now! :)





LOVED this little golf pro! 



And I can't forget Iron Man, Minnie, and Raphael (not to be confused with just any Ninja Turtle!).



Happy Fall Y'all!

October 25, 2011

spam - it's not just junk mail


Ah, SPAM!  The breakfast meat of my youth.  It's funny how certain things trigger memories.  Every time I see a can of SPAM I think of my grandparents.  How many mornings did I wake up on a couch full of cousins to the smell of coffee, hearing the never-ending chatter of my Poppaw telling my dad how the world should be, seeing my Granny standing over the stove, frying SPAM, beginning to prepare breakfast for the masses.  Mornings spent scrambling to get to a bar seat first, watching the ducks swim by through the blinds, enjoying my oatmeal and eggs and toast...and SPAM.  Leading into afternoons spent working up the courage to join almost everyone else on the paddle boat, only to end up staying on the bank.  Afternoons standing side by side amongst half a dozen cousins fishing with our cane poles, actually touching worms.  Then everyone arguing over who got to ride which bike but not really caring because we got to ride!  By ourselves!  Around the lake!  And evenings spent playing bingo at the clubhouse, or watching Golden Girls as we took turns earning change for combing Poppaw's hair as he sprawled out on the living room floor telling tales, interrupting the TV.  Always ending the night with ice cream.

Gosh, how many summer trips to the pool at Lake Livingston or day trips to Brenham or the park or museums or weekends at the lake started with a can of SPAM?!  So many.  I'm glad I remember the good times, the great memories, the trips, the treats - all of it.  Because I know I took so much of it for granted back then and I can appreciate it all so much more now.  I miss all of my grandparents, I really do, but sometimes I miss that ornery Poppaw so much my heart hurts for all the things he's missing now.   

The year he had open heart surgery I must have been 11 or 12, not yet old enough to technically get into the ICU.  My aunt put a little makeup on me to make me look that extra year or two older (seems so silly now :) ) and when I went in to see him for the first time in recovery through all the tubes and wires, he started to sing "The Bear Went Over the Mountain."  Goodness did he ever drive us crazy with that endless song growing up, but the words were so sweet to me that day.  It's the day I started eating mustard on toasted bagels and the day I realized Houston might have a homeless problem, driving home on the interstate that night and looking over to see scores of people sleeping in the parking lot of an overflowing shelter, and it's the day I started loving my Poppaw even more. SPAM!  I bought a can some time ago for old times' sake and recently cooked it up for brunch one day for Avery and me.  And it was really good!  Just like I remembered. 

October 20, 2011

so much

Never did I think two little words would affect me, well, so much.  One morning several weeks ago Avery and I were talking about Deran and how he was at work but we were going to do x activity when he got home.  Out of the blue she said, "I love my much!"  She's since applied it to other relatives, baby dolls, snacks, and even our beloved pugs.


We were hanging out on the couch one morning after breakfast and Avery started harassing hugging Harper and said, "I love Harper so much."  All soft and sweet, like she really truly meant it.  So I had to get my camera out and take a couple of pictures.


Then she hopped down and gave Oscar a little love too.  She had some crazy hair that day.



Oh my Avery, I love you so much!


October 19, 2011

sixteen years of cuteness

mtwins01 E

Well, combined anyway.  Separately they're just eight.  Eight years each of adorable!  I met up with these sisters last Sunday afternoon for a belated birthday session.

mtwins04 E

I loved that sweet sister moment when they were swinging around before I made them stop and hug. :)

mtwins05 E

They brought along their Halloween costumes for a little candy corn fun at the end of the evening.  Super cute!!

mtwins06 E

mtwins07 E

mtwins08 E

Thanks so much Rachel for making the drive and letting me photograph your sweet girls.  I hope year eight is the best yet!

mtwins09 E

October 18, 2011

connor is two!

connor03 E

I've had a slew of cute birthday boys lately and this sweet boy was no exception.  He lives out in the country so I made my way out to his home - the perfect setting for an adorable boy who loves his tractors!

connor01 E

connor02 E

connor04 E

connor08 E

connor05 E

We caught his grandpa in the shop so we stopped to say hello. :)

connor07 E

I enjoyed visiting some of this family again and I want to wish Connor a very happy [early] birthday!!

connor06 E

October 17, 2011

super troopers - a fabulous family of four!

nfam01 E

I really enjoyed this fun family session!  We were originally set to meet on a Sunday evening but instead our plans were postponed when the skies opened and poured down the most rain we've had all year.  In ONE day.  Seriously.  And even though it had rained all day, these guys were ready to take a chance and meet up, which is one reason why I think they are super troopers. :)

nfam04 E

When we met nearly a week later, the weather couldn't have been more perfect.  And speaking of perfect, this sweet brother and sister were so well-behaved and polite! 

 nfam02 E

nfam03 E

I think it goes without saying, but they were also totally adorable! 

nfam05 E

This mom did a great job of putting their wardrobe together, I really loved the red & brown.

nfam06 E

I do really love spending time with a happy family! :)

nfam07 E

nfam08 E

nfam09 E

Sadly we ended our session in the midst of mosquito breeding grounds, courtesy of that rain the week before.  This pretty girl suffered a few bites, but despite feeling itchy she still smiled and never complained!

nfam10 E

Danielle & Tim, thanks so much for letting me photograph your sweet family.  Your kiddos were so great to work with and I enjoyed our time together! 

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