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October 17, 2011

super troopers - a fabulous family of four!

nfam01 E

I really enjoyed this fun family session!  We were originally set to meet on a Sunday evening but instead our plans were postponed when the skies opened and poured down the most rain we've had all year.  In ONE day.  Seriously.  And even though it had rained all day, these guys were ready to take a chance and meet up, which is one reason why I think they are super troopers. :)

nfam04 E

When we met nearly a week later, the weather couldn't have been more perfect.  And speaking of perfect, this sweet brother and sister were so well-behaved and polite! 

 nfam02 E

nfam03 E

I think it goes without saying, but they were also totally adorable! 

nfam05 E

This mom did a great job of putting their wardrobe together, I really loved the red & brown.

nfam06 E

I do really love spending time with a happy family! :)

nfam07 E

nfam08 E

nfam09 E

Sadly we ended our session in the midst of mosquito breeding grounds, courtesy of that rain the week before.  This pretty girl suffered a few bites, but despite feeling itchy she still smiled and never complained!

nfam10 E

Danielle & Tim, thanks so much for letting me photograph your sweet family.  Your kiddos were so great to work with and I enjoyed our time together! 

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