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October 14, 2011

life's a beach

A couple of weeks ago we joined a group of friends for a surprise birthday bash at the beach.  It was Avery's first trip and we all had such a great day!  For once our family of three was early, unbelievable to those who know us, and because we couldn't very well show up at the house with the birthday boy, we stopped along the road and enjoyed some time on a beautiful deserted beach.  Avery loved it and ran around, at first running from the waves, and then falling in face first.  We finally made our way to the beach house to join our friends, have some lunch, and head back to the sand and water!

beach03 B

We actually took four trips to the beach that day and I didn't get my camera out until the third trip.  Avery spent much of the first few trips searching for shells and running along the beach.  She spent most of the fourth trip down to the beach in the water and man, did she have fun!  Because I didn't have my camera I didn't get any photos of her and Ryler splashing around, but both tots really enjoyed the water and sand.  At one point we did try to build a sand castle but turns out it's really more fun to knock over the piles of sand than to actually shape them.  Maybe next year! ;)

beach07 B

Deran went on a solo walk while I took Avery in for a break and then he wandered back when I had taken Avery down again.  He found several conch shells and I can't even type that without thinking about Piggy & co.  The small one I held actually had a hermit crab residing inside, though only the shell made it home.  

beach04 B

Avery was so serious listening for the ocean in this shell.  

beach01 B

A sandy sole.

beach08 B

I really liked seeing where the tide had been earlier in the day.  The earth is an interesting planet, it's pretty amazing.


As the tide started creeping back in, the chairs were moved back and Avery kept running down the trail of one chair counting, "1! 2! 3!" over and over.

beach06 B

We ended the trip shortly after a beautiful sunset and yummy dinner provided by Tina, a Jill of all trades.  I do actually have a group picture but since no one thought to mention that I had Avery's lime green bow still stuck in my hair, I think I'll save it for another day.  And Deran actually took another picture of me wearing a floppy beach hat.  However, when I put it on and asked if it looked okay the only response from a friend was, "Define okay."  Hmmmm, thanks T! ;)  

beach02 B

Great day, great friends, great food.  We all loved our beach day and can't wait to go back!

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