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October 13, 2011

i may be turning into my mother

My mom often voices her opinion about the way my sister and I keep house, or more accurately, don't keep house.  I blame my mom actually.  She picked up after us too much as kids so she was an enabler!  What about learning by example?  Oh...well...yeah, she did keep a clean house...hmmm.  Once, when she was trying to encourage me to wash the dishes, she told me that she liked doing dishes - it was kind of like therapy, a quiet time to think and reflect by yourself.  Now didn't I want to wash my dishes?  Um, crazy much, sweet Momma?!  

Internet, my point is this.  Right now, business is busy.  It's just a busy season with the holidays around the corner and some gorgeous fall/winter weddings on the horizon and I am enjoying it sooo much!  I feel beyond blessed by business this fall!  So many great things happening right now and I'm just excited and happy about the direction I'm going.  But trying to balance it all and meet deadlines without feeling like I'm pawning off my baby to various family members every single day?  Well, that's tough.

I think balancing work and family is tough for any working parent, and because Avery is my top priority it often means late nights after she's turned in for the day.  And sometimes early mornings before she's up for the day. But it's what I do so that I can take her to storytime, the park, to paint, to play, to just spend the days with her. To be present for her and make the most of the time we're together through this busyness.

So I had a point - and here it is.  Cleaning helps me cope.  I still don't love to do dishes but when my mind is racing with a million things I need to take care of but can't, I grab some 409, or pull out the vacuum cleaner, or even scrub the toilets.  Cleaning is something that keeps me in the same room with Avery, something that produces immediate satisfactory results, and something that can be done in short increments of time.  

My house is far from perfect, but we are on week THREE of keeping up with laundry.  I can see all of the floor area in my room for the first time in a couple of years, toilets are sparkly white, and Deran now has four weeks of dress shirts and slacks ironed, ready to be worn to work.  

My mom is proud, probably because she thinks she finally got through to me.  And I guess she kind of did.  Life is hectic right now, but it's also really really good.  And clean laundry?!  What?!  Doing housework makes me feel awesome!   

No pictures, yea!  I'll be sharing photos from our first trip to the beach with Avery tomorrow and lots and lots of session sharing next week.  So many cute kids, plus a sweet family and beautiful momma-to-be.  I'm gearing up for THREE weddings next weekend.  Why yes, I think I have lost my mind now that you mention it. 

If you don't hear from me after the 22nd please send help!  Or maybe just more cleaning supplies.

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  1. What?!? Pawning your child off on various family members? Can I get in line, please? I'm really only a short plane ride away:-) Just think how much you'd get done while Avery and I played together for a few days.


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