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October 12, 2011

mckenley is one!

bfam10 E

I'm really creative with my post titles this week.  I met up with this happy family last weekend and despite rain earlier in the day and swarming mosquitos, we had a fantastic time!

bfam01 E

bfam02 E

bfam03 E

One thing that is very evident within this family is that these parents absolutely adore their boy!  Man, I do wish I'd been recording this session - so many crazy noises to garner those big smiles. :)

bfam04 E

bfam05 E

bfam06 E

 bfam07 E

bfam09 E

 bfam11 E

He had a super cute frog smash cake!

bfam12 E

He was so cute leaving a little cake trail behind as he crawled away.

bfam13 E

Thanks so much for letting me photograph your sweet family Carrie & Clayton, I enjoyed spending time watching you guys love on your baby boy and each other.  And happy early birthday to Mr. McKenley!  

bfam08 E

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