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June 6, 2011

we are family


I mentioned last week that I had a crafty kids tutorial to share, so here it is! And it's not so much a tutorial as just a couple of steps and a few pictures of my cute baby. One weekend when Deran was around to play with us, I got out two empty paper towel rolls and we all got to work. I've been collecting used paper towel rolls for several months because you just never know where the imagination will take you and they can be all kinds of things from telescopes to elephant trunks!


The number of people in your family determines the number of empty rolls you'll need. We used one roll to make three family members and part of a second for our two dogs. You'll also need things to decorate and dress your family. I recommend construction paper, markers, pompoms, and finger paint. Though we ended up not using the pompoms and paint, Avery still had fun setting out the supplies.

So cut your strips of paper and glue them to the roll, then start filling in the details!


I do have green eyes and brownish hair, but I'm pretty sure that's the only resemblance. I never wear pink lipstick, but I thought it looked nice. Avery helped glue and then she ran around for a bit, then colored, then she played! With our paper towel roll family! She liked to make herself stand on her head, which is actually very true to life.


She was having so much fun with my doll and laughing, saying "Mommy!" over and over. I said, "Awww that's so sweet, does Mommy make you happy?"


She immediately put my doll down and said, "No." It stung a little, it really did. I love that in the picture it looks like she's having me give Deran a stern talking to. Sometimes he needs it!


Oh Avery, it's a good thing you're so cute!


All the work is done, just sit back and watch your cute tots play!


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