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November 2, 2010

a totally tubular project


Day Two: I'm thankful for our new children's librarian at the local library.

She makes storytime so much fun! She's so animated when reading the books and leads the kids in singing and dancing and then settles them down for a fun craft. I love to read and I remember taking many trips to the library as a child. I definitely want to instill the same love of books and reading in Avery. Sometimes I take Avery to the library when we just want to get out of the house. I let her wander the aisles with me searching for a few books or we'll sit on the colorful rug and read, but we especially look forward to our Friday storytime trip.

A couple of weeks ago I checked out a stack of books and one fantastic magazine. It was last October's issue, but had some really fun projects. I finished one Saturday morning and I think it was a hit. I tried to fill the tubes with things she likes right now, plus a few textural items and random bits. Like crumpled paper that says, "Avery is the best!" and a puppy from my old Puppy Surprise. LOVED that dog! I wanted the black one because she had five in the commercial. Of course mine only had three. :/

I changed things up a bit and hot glued the tubes to each other and some to the sides and bottom of the box. Much more secure than the regular white glue it calls for, Avery would've torn it up in minute! Also, I wrapped my box. Not necessary, but the shoebox wasn't very cute like the example.


When I put our stack on the counter to check out at the library, the new librarian was really excited that I'd gotten the magazine because of all the awesome ideas to be found inside. I couldn't help but think of her when I finished up the treasure tube box. I appreciate her making our library experience so much fun, because whether she wants to learn something new or just escape in a good story, I hope Avery never stops taking trips to the library.

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