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November 3, 2010

fifteen months

Day Three: I'm thankful for the last fifteen months spent with my favorite girl.

While I usually find the months slipping by so quickly, the fourteenth month seemed to linger. But here we are - month 15. It's amazing the difference each day makes right now. She really is learning something new all the time! Of course we think she's the smartest baby ever and tell her so every chance we get.

At fifteen months Avery really loves to read, play outside, hug the pugs, take baths, wear shoes, adhere stickers to said shoes, drink breastmilk, dance, and sit in her bouncer. Of course she loves Mommy & Daddy too, she's very sweet to us! She still has an aversion to being told no, and pretty much likes to have her way all the time. When she doesn't get her way she's taken to either 1) bending down and crying or 2) sitting/laying on the ground and crying. It's cute, it really is. Those tears are turned off easily and don't last long. After a few seconds she usually gets back up and wants to be held and whatever injustice is soon forgotten.

She is picking up new signs, words, and sounds all the time. We routinely go over animal sounds and Avery can make the correct noise/motion for cat, dog, sheep, goat, owl, bird, elephant, giraffe (stretches her arm up for the tall tall neck), bear, horse, rabbit, kangaroo, bee, and fish. The bee is really cute because it's more of a "beeeeeeeeeees" than a "buzz" sound. When you ask her to point out the bug, she searches for a ladybug.

She's added a few new body parts like, eyebrow, tongue, arm, hand, fingers, feet, toes. We go through this book about 42 times a day, maybe more. She LOVES it. She really loves books in general. She'll grab one and bring it to me or Deran to read. She's not really interested in TV, though she'll stop to watch bits and pieces of Sesame Street in the morning. She'd much rather be going through a book or a toy box.

We also go over shapes a lot. She knows the heart and star. Basic shapes are so boring, that's why we like to go over special shapes! Not really. It's just that every time I draw a circle she calls it a "ba" for ball. But she always asks, "Dat?" (that) and points to all the other shapes as I tell her what each one is, so she's listening and learning. Now when I'm talking about an orange or the sun or a circle, I always say that the item is round like a ball. Totally helps her pick out the image I'm talking about. A ball - it's not just for bouncing, it's also a great frame of reference!

Avery loves to play outside. We get up, get the dogs, and go out to play every morning. This morning was really wet so we had to wait a couple of hours. She wasn't too happy about that. In the afternoon we go out again and there are almost always tears involved when it's time to go back inside.

Wow, this is getting long! But there's a lot happening right now and if I don't write it down I may forget when it happened. She's talking a bit more but mostly strengthening her current words. She says momma, dada, nana, baby, and ba. Now "ba" can mean many things, depending on how it's said and what we're doing. "Ba" is ball, but it's also cup, Harper, pop, banana, bug, and bath. Pretty much have to be me to make sense of that one. :) I swear she was trying to say apple a few days ago, it's a common fruit we go over a lot. She also says "momo" for Elmo and that's really cute. She can identify Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Elmo. That has to be from books because I can't say that we've actually seen Cookie Monster on Sesame Street yet.

Avery still doesn't eat much food. We continue to offer meals and snacks and sometimes she eats a little bit and sometimes she doesn't. She's only 15 months after all, that's still like a tiny baby! I'm about to start working on picture menus. I think it'll be another way for Avery to learn to recognize different foods, as well as different times of day, etc. Deran said he wants me to do it because he'd like to know what we're having for dinner! Speaking of times of day, Avery likes clocks. Mainly just the rocking side to side while I say, "Tick tock, tick tock." My parents started it because they sing a song about Avery being a clock while one of them swings Avery back and forth like a pendulum. Then she kept pointing to the clock in the bathroom while I was giving her a bath, so I started rocking side to side while tick tocking...and now when she sees a clock she does the same. Just something else I find totally adorable about my baby!

I know I'm leaving a ton out, it just seems like everyday she's surprising us by doing something we didn't know she could or trying to figure something out. Basically, it's like I already said, Avery's the smartest baby ever. To us anyway. :)

This is such a fun age! I'm so glad I've gotten to spend this time with her. I know I'm really fortunate to stay home, I would miss doing these things with her!

15 months

Happy 15 month birthday sweet girl, we love you lots!

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  1. The stories are never too long for far away aunts who have to rely on mommies to know what's going on with the best nieces and nephews in the world! Checking the blogs is the first thing I do when I turn on the computer every morning. And, I often return during the day just in case there's a new update. Keep 'em coming!!


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