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October 21, 2010

she gets an "a" for effort


Avery loves puzzles. Her great grandpa gave her several for her birthday that make different sounds. Those are especially fun for her. In the afternoon I pulled a couple of our boring old noiseless puzzles off the shelf to play with. At first she removed all the pieces and scattered them on the floor. But then! Then she began picking them up and trying to put them back and I was so proud of her for getting the first two pieces right, I got out my camera.


She got most of them right. Or at least half. For sure three. Then she moved on to my magazine. Which isn't really mine at all. It's the property of our local library. I checked it out last week with our stack of books because it has several great projects and articles. It's from October 2009, but fortunately great projects have no expiration date.


I'm saving for this one.


Avery loves to get things out and put things in, so I think this will be a lot of fun for her. So far I have two paper towel tubes and three toilet paper tubes. I'm thinking I'll be able to complete it in another week. We go through a lot of paper products around here!

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