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November 1, 2010

thirty days of thanks

R09 E

It's November! And with the exception of this muggy morning, we've been having some fantastic cool weather that just puts me in the holiday spirit. And because Thanksgiving will be here soon and I have many reasons to give thanks, I've decided to blog something I'm thankful for each day. So here we go...

Day One: I'm thankful for client referrals.

R02 E

My photography business is largely word-of-mouth, especially since Avery arrived, I haven't really advertised. My first priority is my family and I love being at home and taking care of Avery, but I also love capturing people's lives and families as they are right now, through photography.

On Saturday afternoon, I had the privilege to meet up with the R Family. The mom's hairdresser happens to be this cute girl's mom. So one day at the salon Mom K gave Mom T my name and a session was scheduled. Turns out, I already knew Mom T! She's a nurse and I met her through my mom several years ago and we also share a mutual friend. Such a small world!

R06 E

I loved the way this family interacted and especially this brother and sister. So sweet! Mostly. :) I also loved this family's wardrobe choices, T did a great job of pulling everything together! She wore heels and I'm glad she didn't mind walking several blocks over the hour.

R04 E

Thanks so much for meeting up with me Saturday R Family. It was nice to chat and meet the rest of the gang! And thanks K for passing along my information, I really appreciate you!

R03 E

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