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October 31, 2010

this little piggy went wah wah wah



She does not like dressing up as a piglet. It's a shame too because she looks so darn cute. Attempted costume photos today were a bust. But tears and all, she's still the cutest pig I've ever seen.

And while I was trying to curl her tail that Deran thought was hilarious to straighten, Avery was desperately trying to get me to pick her up. As Deran was taking pictures of the two of us he laughed and said it looked like I was a momma pig nursing her baby. Um...thanks? I didn't think it was very funny when he said it, but the picture did make me laugh a little knowing his commentary. Mostly just the nursing baby part, not the whole Amy's-a-sow thing.


You're welcome for that little side story. Happy Halloween Internet!

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