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October 30, 2010

jack o'lantern


Somehow in our almost 14 year history, Deran & I have never carved a pumpkin together. Actually, I'm pretty sure we didn't carve any pumpkins over the last 14 years - together or separately. I think it looks pretty good!


We were most excited to see how Avery would react and play with all the pumpkin guts. She wasn't very interested at first and instead just carried around the pumpkin top for about 20 minutes, leaving it in random places to play and then retrieve it when she was ready to move on.


When you ask her what a happy baby looks like she makes this face. Apparently she cracks herself up too. It is really funny.


After it was all done, she sat in Deran's lap and made a mess. Oscar & Harper both enjoyed a little pumpkin too.


And because she looked really cute, munching on a bit of pumpkin pulp...


I couldn't resist asking, just one more time, what exactly does a happy baby look like?


I agree, I think that's what a happy baby looks like. It makes me pretty happy!


Happy Halloween Eve!


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