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October 29, 2010

second patch, third trip


On our third trip to the pumpkin patch we met up with my mom, sister, and niece. And basically it was impossible to get a picture of either girl actually looking at the camera. It's okay though, some of my favorite pictures don't have eye contact.


At least my mom was looking. :) This patch had a few more spots available for nice photo opportunities. Too bad my girl wasn't interested. I let her play on the little bouncy horse for a few minutes but when I took her off so we could leave, well, she wasn't very happy.


And so it was the way to be at the second patch. Unhappy. I do realize that sometimes large orange faces can be scary, but it was smiling!


I love how cute she is running away from the hay pumpkin. Then Nana scooped her up and everything was okay. She's started doing the most adorable thing when she's "scared" of something. Mostly pictures of lions and tigers in books, but sometimes a monkey or a frog too. The longer we play the more she's frightened of. Anyway, we flip to the page and she scrunches up her nose while crossing her arms, almost like she's hugging herself, and she looks at me. So I say, "Oh no! You're so scared?! It's okay Avery! Mommy will protect you!" and hug her. It's a fun game and really cute.

Happy Friday!

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