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October 27, 2010

fall festival

On a whim I whipped up a tutu during naptime today so Avery could dress as a cat for the church's fall festival tonight. Now I'm thinking I could've saved $58 and she could be a cat for Halloween. Because tonight Avery was the cutest one year old cat EVER! I have to throw in the age thing because there was a two year old and five year old cat cousin in attendance. As we sat down to eat our hotdogs, standard festival fare, I couldn't help but notice the most adorable litter of black cats in town. Seriously.


The festival was crazy crowded and I only grabbed two pictures of the evening on my iPhone shortly after we arrived. Avery walked through a maze she was supposed to crawl through, which meant she kept bumping her head. And she tried to bust through a side wall when cousin KM was cheering her on. Cardboard mazes are a little bit delicate, I was afraid we'd take it down! She scared a goat in the petting zoo and got a little cozy with a pony. She wanted to pet a chicken but I think birds are gross. Especially chickens.

We stood in a long line with the cousins D & K for a balloon animal. It was popped approximately three minutes and one bite after getting in the car. Much crying ensued. Before heading home we said a quick goodbye to cousin A. Lots of family in attendance tonight!

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