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June 3, 2011

twenty-two months

So, WHOA. I can't believe her SECOND birthday is only two months away! This year has just flown by, but I know time doesn't slow down and in the blink of an eye we'll be on the eve of her third birthday. I truly do enjoy each day with her and I know life will just keep getting better!

At twenty-two months Avery loves the Wonder Pets. That is all. See you back here next month! I'm kidding. Kind of. She's had a couple of viruses over the last month so she got to lay back and watch more television than usual. Of course the only thing she wanted to watch was her beloved Ming Ming with special requests for "Oddie" (Ollie) the bunny. She really does love that show so much and it's very cute to see her laugh when she finds it funny, or chastise Ollie, or ask where the animal being saved is, etc. So I don't mind too much, only that now that she's feeling better she stills wants to watch Wonder Pets all the time. She still likes Elmo, and in fact plays with her stuffed Grover a lot, but those three Wonder Pests (love the big bad wolf!) have definitely taken first place in her heart. I guess I'll have to rethink birthday party plans!

Avery is finally starting to eat better! I'd say she still eats much less than the average 22 month old, but it's a lot more for her so I consider it a success. She is still breastfeeding, which she still prefers over food at times. I honestly thought she would've weaned herself by now, but I'm beginning to think self-weaning is a myth. And you're welcome Reader, now you know too much.

Her verbal skills continue to expand daily. She's starting to put more words together so she can better get her point across. She's also a really great listener...or eavesdropper anyway. She overheard me talking to her great-grandpa one day about his dog. I was agreeing that he should consult the vet because our doctor (we share a vet) is honest. So then Avery kept repeating honest, and "dot-dor, honest" and "Paw, honest." and so on. So a few days ago I had to take her back to the doctor and she kept telling me that the doctor was honest, and she is honest. She's been on an "honest" kick so I told her about Honest Abe. We'll see what she retains! :)

Avery at 22 months is hilarious. She makes me laugh so much on a daily basis, I'm so glad that I get to spend all day with her. She makes crazy noises and faces on purpose to get me to laugh. However, she remains stone-faced serious when I want her to laugh. Seriously, one day we were playing in her room and she was upset with me because I sat a baby on her bed and apparently I was supposed to be putting a hat on her head?! Anyway, she was upset and this song started playing called, "The Goofy Dance." I was acting every kind of crazy and she just stared at me and told me no. So I danced even crazier and told her I wasn't going to stop until she smiled. Never happened. But I laughed even more because I know I looked hilarious dadgummit! I love her sense of humor!

And I hate to even type this, because I don't really believe in the "Terrible Twos" except that I think it may be starting. Avery has always had a sweet disposition and even though she likes to get her way, she's always been easy to re-direct, and just be sweet in general.'s just that lately when she doesn't get her way there's some kicking, crying, and melting to the floor action involved. It doesn't last long but it is unpleasant. Out of the blue one day she just threw herself to the floor. I don't know, is that just a normal toddler reaction?! I think it must be. I've been trying to play if off like, "Oh she's been feeling unwell." or "Oh she didn't have nap she must be really tired." And while both of those things are often true, I have my doubts about them being the only reasons for such behavior. So we're firm, and we don't give in, and she gets up pretty quickly. But one day last week the living room was a mess with every toy pulled out and on the rug, when she got upset because I didn't hold the baby the right way that she put on my lap. She wanted so badly to make it to the floor but she couldn't find a clear spot beside me. It was so hilarious to see her look around, I could read it on her face, "I need to melt but there's no room!"

She's not all fits and kicks though, she's still an incredibly sweet girl. She offers kisses and hugs and still wants to be held often. She's exerting her independence and I hear, "No, me!" a lot when trying to do things for her. So we're slow, but Avery likes to do things herself and I like to let her. We're enjoying summer already around here with a different schedule and new activities. Life with Avery is so fun and so good, I can't wait to see what the next month has in store!

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Happy 22 month birthday sweet girl, we love you lots!

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