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January 1, 2011

web resolutions

Every year Deran and I write down our resolutions and then tuck them away in the Christmas tree box to read the following year. When we sat down to make our lists today we couldn't find the 2010 version. Sadly, after reading over this post, I'm pretty sure I didn't stick to many (or any!) of my resolutions. I say sadly, but really I'm not that sad and that's...well...kind of sad. What's the point of making a resolution if it means nothing to break it?! I don't know. But I do know that I made another list for 2011! A short list, one I think I can manage. Things were looking a little ugly when Deran suggested we make resolutions for one another but we quickly decided that wouldn't be a good idea.

So I'm not actually going to share my list because I don't need anybody else calling me a failure, but I do have a list that I'm willing to share. My "Web Resolutions" if you will.

1) Clean/Organize/Decorate one room a month spending less than $100
2) Take a weekly family photo
3) Finally publish my Facebook photography page that's been set up since December '09

And that's it. I'm awesome. I already know I'm going to have to make some amendments to number one, like if there's leftover money it carries over to the next month. I think that's fair. I'll be starting with the play room and sharing pictures along the way!

Happy New Year! I'll leave you with a mediocre macro shot of a snowflake from our vacation. On Wednesday it snowed all day and I just couldn't get enough of looking at the picture perfect snowflakes. I went out on the balcony and took a few pictures, definitely not as good as my mind remembers them but still really really neat.


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