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January 3, 2011

seventeen months

Is anyone tired of me saying every single month that I can't believe another month has passed? No? Good. Because I can't believe Avery is SEVENTEEN months old today!!

At seventeen months Avery loves Elmo, her baby dolls, Ming-Ming, Mommy & Daddy, being outside, horses, dogs, and getting her own way. She still very much dislikes not getting her way. She still loves to tell people & animals "No no!" with a finger shake for added emphasis. And I'll be honest, it's cute. Like, really really cute. Even when it's directed at me and I'm doing something I should be. And the way she tells us no? Well it's seriously so sweet. It's usually drawn out and softly spoken. Adorable! I know it sounds like there's little discipline and there is - very little discipline I mean, but she's a good baby!

Her vocabulary seems to be growing daily. She's recently added move, done (with hand sign), various relatives, choo choo (train), plane, apple, diaper, and Ming-Ming. Her first word combination was "more please" and of course she was promptly given more Trix. In general, her "please" is very very hard to resist. When she nods her head yes it's very exaggerated and often done with her mouth open, so funny! She does so many adorable things on a daily basis. I'm always telling Deran that we need to get it all on video because soon enough she'll be doing everything the right way. I already miss the way the cow always said, "Dooooo." Now her cow says, "Mooooo."

Avery went on her first airplane ride recently and upon landing in Colorado she said, "Weeeeee!" I get it, the landing is usually the best part for me too. She alternates between weeee and whoa, both are equally adorable to hear.

She's quick to point out her knees lately. I'm not sure why, maybe because it's one of the latest body parts she's learned to locate and say. She's a pretty vocal girl, on the plane home Deran told her that she didn't actually have to talk all the time.

Melmo is still close to her heart but she also likes Grover. She's recently started liking Wonder Pets again and will ask to watch Ming-Ming. But really she's good if I just sing the song over and over. Elmo & Grouchland very much still consume our TV time.

I'm sure I'm leaving things out. It really does seem as if she's doing something new every single day. Avery is amazing and I'm excited to see what 2011 has in store for her. We made a few resolutions for Avery because I'm an awesome mom and like to put pressure on my tot. Anyway, I'm pretty sure she's got two of the three in the bag before the year even starts, but being potty trained is also on the list. She's definitely showing signs that she may be ready soon, no pressure really, we'll start when she's ready...and if that happens to be next week as opposed to November well that's cool with me!

Avery is a much loved baby and I'm so glad to be able to spend my days with her. Apple of our eye, sunshine on a cloudy day, all of those cheesy mushy sentiments - all true. We're so very blessed to call her ours.


Happy 17 month birthday baby girl, we love you lots!!


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