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February 20, 2013

happy together

Everybody loves The Turtles, right?!  Right!  Really this is just a post about my kids.  Yea!  Most of the time Avery really loves Dean and just can't get enough of him.  Especially if he's asleep or trying to go to sleep, then she really can't get enough.  As frustrating as that can be, she's ridiculously sweet and as we pry her off of him she says, "I just love Dean sooo much!  I'm so glad he came home from the hospital!  He's so cute!"  Every. Single. Time.  Oh, big sisters!

These are few pics from the last month I've snapped with my phone.  Top to bottom, left to right: 1) She looks miserable but I swear she asked to hold him and then she acted like he knocked her down! 2) Us!  Sitting in the recliner reading books helps us pass the time in the late afternoon. 3) Her usual position, IN HIS FACE. 4) Dean is all, "What?" 5) Sweet sister kisses on a cold morning. 6) Cousins!  Give or take a few hours, Dean is almost exactly 9 weeks younger than his sleepy cousin Drew. 7) Feet in the face make me sad too. For the record, he was crying before she put her foot on his face.  I was trying to take a picture of his sad face to compare it to a sad face of Avery at the same age.  I'm sweet like that. 8) At least Avery is happy! 9) Just another good morning! 



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