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February 19, 2013

fancy shoes

We didn't go anywhere today, Avery never even made it out of her pajamas.  We read a lot of books, did puzzles, watched some PBS, and at some point this afternoon she decided it was necessary to don her sparkly shoes.  

fancyshoes01 B

We began packing over the weekend for our move back to Houston.  Once again Aunt Wanda came to help and get our behinds in gear.  She's a great motivator and besides that, she won't let you sit down!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, everyone needs an Aunt Wanda.  She left last night and today I continued packing in Avery's room.  We stumbled across many of her old board books and I'm so glad I saved them all because they're just what Dean needs!  And actually, Avery has been enjoying them again too.  We read this book countless times the first two years of Avery's life.  Elmo doesn't quite pop out on the last page like he used to, Avery told me today it's because she broke it when she was a baby.  But as she would say, "That's okay, you know accidents happen!"

It's a great book and I remember being so excited when she first started to copy the actions I was reading/acting out.  Today I made her sign when we read it the first time.  I plan to task her with teaching Dean to sign in a few months, during all those hours I make her babysit and whatnot. ;) 

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